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Hi! I am Abdul Moiz, I am extremely passionate about technology and science. I am also a freelancer, and I have been freelancing for local companies, and also offer services for international clients through various job portals.

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3 Ways To Fix Your iPhone 12 Stuck on Apple Logo

So you went ahead and bought your iPhone 12 when the pandemic is still raging, and when you try to boot your iPhone 12 it is getting stuck on Apple logo? That's brutal! isn't it? So what do you do now? is your iPhone bricked? Why is your iPhone stuck on Apple logo? What you need is a solution — every computing device will experience software issues, and iOS 14 is infamous for being extremely buggy and is known as one of the worst iOS updates, that was ever released.


6 Solutions To Fix and Install iPhone Driver for Windows

Do you get an error when you try connecting your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC? If you do, you can try a few steps such as updating your drivers by going to Settings on your PC and checking for updates and install them directly or you could manually install them. As a Windows user myself, I understand how dicult it is to find the issue and install the correct drivers. So let’s begin with fixing this issue? Let’s go!


Find Out How to Eliminate the Green Line on iPhone screen

If you are having a green line appearing on your iPhone and thinking of restarting to see if it fixes this issue, it won’t help. This is a hardware issue, and if you tried to find a solution on the Apple support forum, you must have likely noticed, there’s no solution to this. And, what is even more upsetting, is this issue cannot even be fixed by a software update. The only solution to this hardware issue is, replacing your affected iPhone.




Company: Freelancer

I worked there from /2019 until now

APS Retriever

My role is to retrieve medical records from medical facilities for insurance approval

Company: eNoah

I worked there from 11/2017 until now

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