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Noel Gama


Tell your brand story with an authentic human voice

About Me

'Engagement' is the name of the game. Only thing is, if you're an HR marketer, you're going to have to engage with the masters of the game - the folks in HR. That's where I come in - I know your customer inside out because I’ve been one for 30 years. I'm a renegade HR missionary who strayed into Content Marketing and decided to stay.

Here’s an insider secret: HR folks rarely have the power to say, `Yes’; but they can say an emphatic, `No!’

But an empathic, ‘I know,’ can open doors. However, empathy cannot be faked - it must be authentic. That’s what 30 years in the HR trenches gave me. I add value by delivering engaging communication - in helping HR marketers tell their brand story - in an authentic, human voice.


The BIG 3 of B2B Content Marketing
• Epic Blog Posts (aka Ultimate Guides)

• White Papers 

• Ebooks

• Proofreading

• Copy-editing 

• Book Ghostwriting

I have in-depth experience in content writing, copyediting, and proofreading for the three most essential content pools of a company viz., HR, Corporate Communications, and online content.

Awards & Certifications

Kindle #1 bestselling author of, “Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual"
The Writers Bureau (UK) Award-Winner
AWAI-Trained B2B Copywriter
SuccessWorks-Certified SEO Copywriter
CMI/MPU/HubSpot-Certified Content Marketer
CoE-Certified Proofreader & Copy Editor

PS: The folks in HR may be the masters at their game but, having me on your side will be a game-changer.

📧 noelgama@8020contentmarketing.com

🌎 www.https://8020ContentMarketing.com