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Technology and Business Writer + SEO Specialist

About Me

I've been creating honest, high-quality, and search-optimized content for publications, tech companies, and businesses for 10 years. 

Why do I do what I do? 

At the last job I had, I was hired to manage projects for a web design and marketing agency, only to be told 6 months later that I needed to rebuild the entire operation from scratch. I'd never had the opportunity to take on such an endeavor and it really opened my eyes. I learned a lot about web design, hiring, content marketing, business management, client management, and much, much more. 

Rather than let that knowledge and experience go to waste at a company that didn't need me anymore, I quit my job and moved into writing full-time. And now I write about the kinds of things that I've done firsthand and worked on perfecting for other companies.

I should mention that I'm not in the habit of taking on one-off writing gigs as I don't believe it's possible to create effective content that way. Instead, I work with clients over long stretches -- from a few months to a few years -- with the intention of creating credible and authoritative content that sets the right tone for their brand and gives visitors/customers/users a reason to return to the site again and again. 

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My Writing Samples

Do Website Policy Disclosure Pages Always Have To Be So Ugly?

As consumers grow more wary about online privacy and security, I thought I'd help web designers contribute to the solution.


What's New in eCommerce

In this bimonthly roundup, I tackle 3 to 5 new trends or tools making waves in ecommerce design and development.


Is Your Fintech App Age-Agnostic?

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are turning to the Internet to manage their finances. And this means that designers need to think about how their once Millennial-friendly designs need to be repurposed for older users.



Freelance Writer

I have worked as a freelance writer since 2011. Initially, I wrote movie, food, and product reviews for online publications and new sites. However, when I made the move to full-time content and copywriting in 2016, I niched down and became a technology and business specialist. I've written extensively about WordPress, mobile web design, UX, SEO, and small business management.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

WordPress Course Creator

I was invited to create video courses for Skillshare because of my expertise in WordPress. Over the years, I've created a number of WordPress courses that focus on good SEO practices. In each course, I provide an easy-to-follow, actionable guide for even the most novice of students.

Company: Skillshare

I worked there from 11/2018 until now

Small Business Resources Creator

I began noticing a disturbing trend in my freelancer and small business groups, whereby "trial by error" became the accepted way to grow one's business. While unique circumstances often need to be dealt with that way, common business obstacles -- like onboarding clients quickly, getting paid what you're worth, and so on -- have known fixes. That's why I began developing templates, calculators, spreadsheets, and ebooks for small business owners and freelancers.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 9/2019 until /

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