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Freelance web content writer specializing in Holistic Parenting, from wellness and health, to raising babies and homemaking.

About Me

I’m a passionate writer who loves story telling and teaching.

I use these skills to take less common information and turn it into accessible, and easily digestible, content.

I’m also a mom to 3 kids — 2 steps and 1 bio — and am most often labeled as “crunchy” or “granola.” Meaning I care about the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Combining these loves in my life you’ll find that, while I have many interests, my expertise lies in Holistic Parenting. 

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

How To Overcome The Overwhelm of Cloth Diapering

A how-to blog post on cloth diapering that simplifies an overwhelming concept to new moms.


10 Ways To Live Low-Waste Without Giving Up All The Things You Love

A listicle blog post with ideas to start someone down the path of sustainability. While this is a huge topic, this article covers the beginner basics.


Should I Be A Mom? A Little Help With A Big Decision, For Those Unsure Or On The Fence

An opinion piece/story style blog post about my experience with beginning motherhood and my personal advice for those questioning whether this is a life they want for themselves.




I’m great with people. I know how to read them and give them what they want. Being a bartender is like being a salesperson and a therapist both at the same time, while simultaneously concocting any one of thousands of memorized drinks on the spot. I left to be at home with my new baby and begin my career as a freelancer.

Company: Bird and The Bottle

I worked there from 1/2018 until 10/2020

Content I Write