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Sonam Lama


I help others pursue that which sets their soul on fire and do what they do best, better

About Me

My name is Sonam Lama. I am a Husband, Father, writer, creator, habit/behavioral change specialist, peak performance specialist, pro athlete, online athletic performance trainer and Basketball Skills Trainer.

I have been writing for 12 plus years on several of my blogs, Ezine Articles, for various SEO clients, several Fortune 500 companies as a contractor, etc.

My motto is simply this: I help others pursue that which sets their soul on fire and do what they do best, better. I write frequently over at SonamLama.co and on Medium. My Medium profile is: SonamJLama.Medium.com where I write for several publications such as: Illumination, The Ascent, Better Advice, and Better Entrepreneur. 

In addition, some of my older work can be found on:

1. TheProJourney.com/blog - This is my personal blog where I documented my Professional Basketball Journey
2. EzineArticles.com/search/?q=Sonam+Lama - This was from 2009-2011 where I wrote articles to grow as an online marketer and affiliate marketer.
3. AchieveVisibility.com/about-us/ - This is my Digital Marketing company where I help clients rank at the top of Google as well as manage their Social Media and overall online presence.
4. Invincilete.com - This is my athletic fitness and apparel brand website where I sell our Invincilete resistance bands and core sliders.

Please feel free to check out some of my work to get an idea of my writing style and message.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Success Cannot Be Pursued It Must Ensue

I've chased success my entire life. However, I have instead chosen to not focus on the end goal but to give myself to my higher purpose greater than myself...


What Is Passion?

Passion is about yearning for something so deeply that you lose yourself in it. It’s beautiful. It’s messy. It’s heartbreaking. It’s awe inspiring. It’s real.


Take the long way, it’s shorter

Who the hell wants to take the long way? Not me I thought. But taking the long way often gets you to your goal or dream much faster. Let me explain...



Head Writer & Blogger

My wish through my blog is to positively impact just one person’s life and send them on a trajectory they are so happy and proud to be on, which in turn urges them so deeply to impact another person’s life. And from there, the positive ripple effect continues and expands. As I always say, my motto is to help others pursue that which sets their soul on fire and do what they do best, better.

Company: SonamLama.co

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Content I Write