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Freelance Writer/Blogger for Finance and IT

About Me

I enjoy the challenge of researching and explaining complex subjects/ideas to help people better understand topics like credit, budgeting, cloud computing, and more. Working with my clients, I am able to craft SEO-optimized articles that answer the reader's questions and generate page views.

I have written about a wide variety of personal finance and technology topics, including

Personal Finance

  1. Credit
  2. Credit monitoring and repair
  3. Applying for a home loan
  4. Selecting a bank or credit union
  5. Top credit cards
  6. Business credit and lending
  7. Budgeting


  1. Colocation
  2. Datacenter services
  3. Credit repair software

Within these niches, I have experience writing in various formats, such as web copy, how-to articles, product reviews, and more. Each piece I write is tailored to my client's needs, to appeal to their intended audience, and adhere to brand style guides. 

If you are looking for a freelancer and my experience fits your needs, please reach out to me to discuss your next project. 

Industries I Write About




My Writing Samples

Computer Network Installation and Support

Ghostwritten web copy explaining what networks are, how they work, and why this particular company is a good choice for your network needs.


What Are Tradelines and How Do They Affect Your Credit?

A blog article explaining on an intro level what tradelines are and how they are used to calculate your credit.


ExtraCredit Review 2022 - All-in-Cne Credit Building and Monitoring

A review of the services offered by ExtraCredit, a division of Credit.com.


6 Advantages of a Colocation Data Center

The key advantages in utilizing a colocation data center


Why Buying a House is a Bad Investment

An article exploring why a house isn't a true investment.


6 Best Credit Unions that Anyone Can Join

A review of the top nationwide credit unions and an in-depth look at the banking services they provide.


Discover Home Equity Loan Review

Bylined article crafted with strict adherence to legal and brand style guides.


Best Business Credit Monitoring Services

An article that explores the unique challenges in checking and monitoring your business credit.



Technical Writer

Create end-user documentation for various types of software including warehouse management, sales, purchasing, employee management, and more. Document types include user guides, quick guides, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, notices, etc. Also created a few marketing-related blog posts and web copy.

Company: NacSpace

I worked there from 5/2013 until 8/2022

Ghostwriter & Bylined Work

I have worked with clients in the IT field to produce articles, blog posts, and ebooks focused on data centers, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure. I have also worked with clients in the finance space to generate SEO-optimized articles, product reviews, and internal-facing copy. Byline work includes big-name brands such as Credit Karma.

Company: Clearvoice

I worked there from 12/2020 until now

Blog Writer

A website focusing on many credit and personal finance topics, including product reviews, banking options, credit repair, investments, and more. Article structures range from general informational to product-specific roundups and reviews. The blog post creation process includes optimizing for SEO with Yoast and formatting on WordPress.

Company: Finmasters

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

Blog Writer

Wrote a variety of articles geared towards those looking to build their credit and learn more about personal finance in general. All posts were keyword optimized.

Company: Digital Honey

I worked there from 8/2021 until 6/2022

Content I Write