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Freelance Writer for Personal Finance and IT

About Me

I graduated with a BFA in Creative Writing from Stephen F. Austin State University. This writing program is one of only a few in the nation that requires an undergrad thesis in the form of a book-length body of work.    After college, I joined a SaaS team as a Technical Writer producing end-user documentation.  

Feeling a little boxed in by the nature of writing about the same set of programs over and over again,  I branched out to freelancing and started creating new types of content for other clients.  I am now a freelancer with more than 7 years of experience as a Technical Writer and more than 1 year of experience as a Content Writer.  

I believe excellent content is essential to every business. Whether the purpose of that content is to sell a new product, inform employees of changes to their benefits, or attract a new audience, content is king.  

With every piece I write, I strive to help my clients in the Tech and Personal Finance field to achieve their goals. Their success means more to me than just a job well done, it means that I am leaving my mark on this world, one word at a time.  

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My Writing Samples

6 Advantages of a Colocation Data Center

The key advantages in utilizing a colocation data center


The Cost of IT and How Managed Services Can Help You

A ghostwritten article investigating the common pain points of in-house IT and how utilizing managed services could be the best bet for your business.


Crafting a Budget That Works for You

How to create and maintain a budget that works with your lifestyle and individual goals.


Why Closing a Credit Card Account Can Decrease Your Credit Score

Key questions to explore before you close that credit card.


Coronavirus Tax Breaks

How Covid-19 inspired tax law changes could affect the average person's tax filing.



Technical Writer

Create end-user documentation for various types of software including warehouse management, sales, purchasing, employee management, and more. Document types include user guides, quick guides, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, notices, etc. Also created a few marketing-related blog posts and web content.

Company: NacSpace

I worked there from 5/2013 until now


Work with clients in the IT field to produce articles, blog posts and ebooks focused on data centers, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure.

Company: Clearvoice

I worked there from 12/2020 until now


Placed high-dollar purchase orders to maintain RDCs stock levels. Worked with vendors to ensure orders were fulfilled in a timely manner. Assisted in the managing of a database of product information.

Company: Elliott Electric Supply

I worked there from 10/2011 until 5/2013

Content I Write