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Mukesh Shah ATTENTION Specialist writing Business Stories, Headlines, Executive Resumes, and LinkedIn Profiles.

About Me

I write business and professionals stories.

Do you know telling your story can grow your business or career?

The fact is people connect with you when they know you. Your product and service they may use, but they connect when they know you. Your most important group of people are customers and employees. Both will connect knowing your story.

The legendary Simon Sinek ('Golden Circle' - 'Know Your Why') said.

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first."

Tell your story:

I will create one, and you will get committed employees and loyal customers. They will be your ambassadors.

Let us see how

Your growth is my goal.

I tell you how you started and what you do. It set a process to get regular, relevant leads. Telling your story, dream, and how you evolve connects you with the people. HR pros love career stories and prospects, customers like the stories. They read and connect.

Let me give examples. We all admire:

  1.  The customer service of Disney.
  2.  The excellent experiences of Southwest travelers, and
  3. Apple Computer's user-friendliness.

Business is an exchange of a product or service between a customer and a company. 

These two will make or break a business. The core is commitment.

The commitment of employees.

  1. Apple folks are obese with doing it better and beating themselves.
  2. Southwest staff is making decisions to ease customers, and
  3. Disney people go out of their way to make sure your family holidays are memorable.

I know you are not Apple, Disney, or Southwest Airlines. But you very well know they are Successful Businesses.

I am not suggesting you follow them. No way maybe you are starting; well placed, struggling, whatever but wants to grow is the key.

People make them different.

And it leads to a loyal, committed customer base and happy employees.  

Let me also say that I don't write your story. Actually, I bring it out from you by asking questions. It's an art and I am good at it with 1000s of in-depth interviews and 100s of group discussions. You can call it cut and paste. 

Let me create your story to tell the world and see its positive impact.

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Executives' Stories

A sample. Interesting are founders owners stories. Their struggles, initiatives are worth narrating. They are shy; most say nothing good to say. It would be best if you rethink your About Us, Our Team, Bios pages. You know that Schlitz beer's famous beer story (American Beer Brand) reached the number one position in six months by merely saying the process of making beer in advertising. Everyone makes the beer the same way, but Schlitz said it, and people find value in the information. Tell yours


Headlines, Sub-headlines, Sub-titles writing

Sample Headlines. A headline is 80% responsible for reading the content. I am a trained headline writer. Getting a second look at your headline is pros way to go. If you send newsletters I can increase clicks to the articles in the list in an email or in the index page. A single article headline review is difficult for me. We will work out a way for headline review and turnout. The project should be $500+.




I am a resume writer. I get success for unsuccessful job seekers with my innovative resume elements A Functional Title, Headline, and Career Story. The Companies hardly care about their About Us and Our Team pages which have their senior pros info. They never tell a career story. The career story connects the readers. The companies increase their fan base. They get committed employees and customers. They are the best Ambassadors for businesses and companies. I am best suited to tell stories.

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