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A technical writer with a clear, suave style, Joshua combines his passion for technology with his love of the arts to create proses with an authentic voice.

About Me

Joshua is a technical writer with experience in patent drafting, article writing, press release preparation, and SEO content generation. Writing proses combines Joshua's passion for technology with his love of the arts.

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Writing Sample - Transportant - RVs

Here is a writing sample in the travel genre regarding RVs.


Writing Sample - Recreational - Bird Watching

This is a writing sample in the recreation genre about bird watching


Writing Sample - Geoscience - Water Cycle

This writing sample is in the geoscience genre focusing on the water cycle.


Writing Sample - Biology - Photosynthesis

Here is a writing sample in field of biology explaining the photosynthesis process.


Writing Sample - Science - Automotive

This writing sample is related to the physics and automotive industries and discusses the five types of simple machines and their applications to cars.



Founder and Technical Writer

I prepare patent applications, responses to office actions, and technical documentation across numerous technology areas.

Company: Bergmeer Technologies

I worked there from /2020 until now


I prepared, drafted, and edited informational articles on science, technology, and law-related topics.

Company: Content Writers

I worked there from / until /


I analyzed patent applications across a wide array of technology fields and prepared marketing materials to assist in patent licensing.

Company: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Technology Licensing Office

I worked there from / until /

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