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Content Strategist and Copywriter

About Me


Welcome to my profile :)

I am a writer at heart with one foot entrenched in my unbounded creativity and the other guided by science and data. Creating content is my passion. But an even bigger passion of mine is to make life easy for agencies and brands with big content production needs by:

- Creating new content

- Discovering untapped SEO content opportunities

- Organizing and managing content production needs for large content plans

- Automating difficult aspects of the content production process

From SEO research right through to publication, no matter how big your content strategy, I'm the girl that can help you reach the finish line!

I sincerely hope we have the chance to work together :)

Kindest regards,

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics



Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Page 1 Rankings in 3 Weeks - Pets Article (Ghost Written)

Serving as a template article for a group of freelance writers. Posted live on Sept 3th 2020, the article was ranking on page 1 of Google results by Oct 22nd (less than a month later). Brand new domain, no link building. No SEO funny business. Just SEO strategy implemented through my content. Many other articles on this site that are ranking highly are also ghostwritten by me as part of the initial batch of templates and training materials.


Conveyancing Blog Post (Ghostwritten)

A short article positioning the client as a leader in their field with innovative technological solutions to property settlement.


Cyber Threat Blog Post (Ghost Written)

An educational and informative article about cyber threat in the property industry. The aim was also to position my client as a leader in their field and being one step ahead of competitors in a traditionally offline industry.


Pillar Article - Medical (Ghost Written)

This pillar article is twofold. Not only has it been used to train a group of freelance writers on the client's concept of the term "hypoallergenic", it also establishes a strong foundation for the target audience of the website as well. With the topic of "hypoallergenic" being grossly misunderstood by consumers and writers, my work has helped create some clarity, at least in this little corner of the internet!


Pet Article (Ghost Written)

Serving as a template for a team of freelancers, my article has been the backbone of one pillar of this client's content strategy.


Scientific Blog Post (Ghost Written)

This is a demonstration of content that required going beyond the typical process most writers follow. More than 30 scientific articles were studied during the process of creating this article which serves as an exemplar to a team of freelancers for this client.


Branded Home Page Content - Mortgage Broker

Just one of many clients for whom I have created branded and SEO optimized web content to promote their services. This content helped my client secure first page rankings on Google for the core service they offer at the time I was working on the SEO and content strategy.



Content Writer

I started freelancing as a writer during my early years at university. Since then I have created thousands of articles and blog posts and honed my skills. My skills and accomplishments as a writer: - Producing 2000-5000 words of well-researched web copy a day - Completing scientific SEO research to assist articles to rank faster - My articles often require no additional revisions - Keen attention to detail and instructions provided in a style guide/brief

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

SEO Strategist & Consultant

My work in an SEO agency opened up the pathway for me to deepen my skills not only as a writer but also as an SEO strategist. In recent years I have assisted large agencies and big brands to streamline and automate complex processes in their content production process. Where content, SEO and scale meet. This is the playground I like to play in until I have successfully simplified the challenges many businesses face here.

Company: New Moon Media

I worked there from 10/2019 until now

SEO Specialist

Content writing paved the way forward for my skills and interest in SEO. During my time as an SEO Specialist , I created the SEO and content strategies that saw my clients overcome ranking challenges and earn over 10x return on their SEO investment consistently. My first client, a lawyer in a competitive industry, saw his new business go from unfound to outranking bigger law firms in only 8 months and at ~10% of the budget the others were paying for SEO thanks to my content strategy.

Company: Digital Surfer

I worked there from 3/2017 until 10/2019

Content I Write