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I am a Freelance Writer who delivers well-written, researched work on time and to your specifications.

About Me

I’m a skilled writer who can help you grow your business and connect with your target audience by telling stories that engage, inspire, convince, and inform. With years of experience, both on the creative and business side, I know how to build meaningful connections with clients and customers.

I can help you develop this relationship with current clients and potential customers by delivering content such as:

I’m always open to new projects. That being said, I do have a few areas of expertise that I focus in more than others. These areas are: self-Improvement, mental Health, spirituality, holistic Living, health & Wellness, literature and history.

I love coffee, my kids, my cats, and I'm a sucker for BBC period piece historical dramas. 

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Why Boundaries Are So Important in Rebuilding Self-Worth

An article published on Medium.com addressing boundaries, why they are important, and how to go about setting them.



A post detailing the history of the raspberry plant.


Ways Hiking Trails Improve Holistic Health

A blog post I wrote for a holistic health blog.


How to Practice Active Listening to Improve Your Relationships

An article published by Better Humans on Medium.com detailing what active listening is and how it can help improve your relationships.


A Strange Situation

An opinion piece published in NARSOL's monthly newsletter.


About Gary Barber Photography

A short bio section on freelance photographer Gary Barber's website.



Freelance Writer

As a freelancer, I've been able to use my writing skills to create content for many different types of companies. I have written SEO optimized articles, dabbled in transcription for the US Army, spruced up website landing pages and bio sections. I've most focused on blog content in the spiritual and holistic markets.

Company: JeanaMarieWrites

I worked there from / until now


I spent three years teaching English in a public high school. I enjoyed diving into literature with my students and helping them write creative pieces and essays. Ultimately classroom management wasn't for me, but the experience was invaluable.


I worked there from 8/2012 until 5/2015

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