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Talented Article Writer skilled at completing daily assignments and contributing to team success. Always willing to take on any task. Adapts quickly to new needs and policies. Available anytime to deliver high quality content and articles.

About Me

I am Kim Rex Limbag 20 years old from Philippines. I am a simple person who has a big dreams in life. I love to explore things, expand my knowledge and hone my skills. I love to write anything that helps other people, I love researching too because I always want to gain knowledge and skills. Writing for me is a passion and I like to express my deepest thoughts and meaning through words because words brings more interesting in your life.

I write content/articles more on business, health, life-style, parenting and relationship but it does not limit me to write other things. I can write articles depending on the clients topic choice.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How to Construct a Profitable Mindset & Reach the Next Stage

In this Writing Sample, I wrote about how to construct a profitable mindset so that you can go a deeper level of your life, I believe that every person has the ability to overcome their situation the only problem there is how, in this writing sample, I share some tips on how to do it, on how you can reach the next level of your life.


Secrets of Healthy Relationship

In this Writing Sample, this is a different topic compare with first one. Here also I share some secrets to how to have healthy Relationship not with just your spouse but also those people who surround you especially in workplace.


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