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About Me

Copywriting combines my three passions: writing, psychology, and people. I love becoming part of your team and helping you meet your goals while ensuring a strong plan for future success. For each project, I conduct comprehensive research about your business, the topics, your ideal customers, and your competition. My goal is to provide you with content that converts to sales and higher engagement. My favourite types of content are website copy, email funnels, landing pages, and sales pages/letters. I have extensive knowledge and experience writing longer content and white papers. 

I enjoy getting to know about your business and meeting the people on your team. I work well individually or as part of a marketing team. Even though I'm a freelancer, I care about each business that trusts me with its content and copy. I'll ensure you're over-the-moon about anything you put out into the world. I want you to feel confident your content is being delivered by a person whose ultimate goal is to provide exceptional service for your business.   

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

About Us Page

A local fruit farm turn distillery and cidery needed help with their website copy to start to build their online presence. I focused on their humble roots and desire to help their community thrive. This project is part of a multi-year plan to increase engagement and sales.


About Us Page

This "About Us" page is part 2 of the story about how a local fruit farm turned into a distillery and cidery.


Product Description

A local natural bathing company is working to grow their engagement after having to switch their business to e-commerce in 2022. I crafted 80 product descriptions with headlines and benefits for their products. The descriptions are enhanced with researched keywords and meta descriptions. The live descriptions have lead to a higher number of sales and larger purchase orders.


Product Description

This product bundle features four different natural deodorants. The wellness company needed to have a product description that captures each product's unique qualities while selling them as one cohesive bundle. Each product description has research SEO keys and meta descriptions. The headlines were crafted according to current headline controls in the industry.



This guest blog post is a research-based engagement post. Each blog included links to reputable sources and includes SEO Keywords. This blog was written in my client's specific tone and voice according to their brand guide.




I identify your ideal customer's desired and pain point to create persuasive copy that increases engagement. Using a researched-based approach, I craft copy and content that pulls customers into your brand story and creates lifelong connections (and increased sales, did I mention all the sales?) I dig into not only who your customer is, but the unique why that drives them towards your product or service. People don't exist in silos. I view prospects with a 360-degree view.

Company: Creo Copywriting

I worked there from 9/2019 until now

Program Manager

As a city manager, I was responsible for large leading teams of over 100 people. I planned and organized strategic planning sessions and developed employee onboarding seminars. I wrote the program descriptions for hundreds of programs with dynamic customer avatars. I wrote budget reports, statistic representations, and presentations. My role was a constant balance between meeting customer needs, ensuring budgetary balance, and leading my employees.

Company: City of Surrey

I worked there from 9/2006 until 5/2016

Living in Ireland

The gap years... these three years are some of the most important years in my personal & career development. I moved to Ireland with my husband and learned about cultures outside of North America. I learned about the differences in people and that we can't put groups of people into a box that we label to be a certain way. I graduated with a MA in Business Leadership where I dig deep into individual motivators and personality types. These experiences changed how I see the world.

Company: Masters in Business Leadership

I worked there from 6/2016 until 8/2019

Content I Write