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Full-time copywriter and blogger.

About Me

I'm a full-time copywriter and blogger, based in the UK. I've been plying my trade as a copywriter since 2012, and I'm enjoying my chosen profession more than ever. I originally started out as a newspaper reporter after securing an industry-based qualification in the UK. But it wasn't long before I realized that reporting wasn't for me. After a 15-year career in retail and hospitality, I decided to return to writing in a freelance capacity. 

Today, I have a group of long-term clients I consider as friends. They know how I work, and I know exactly what type of content they need — often before they know. I have my own website, and it brings me a steady flow of new clients. But I want to explore every opportunity. There are more friends out there, just waiting for me to work my magic. I hope I can meet quite a few of them on the nDash platform.

I guess I'm a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to my areas of expertise. I have first-hand experience in business, hospitality, cooking, catering, and retail. But, as any freelance copywriter will tell you, the research I have to carry out as part of my job has given me a wealth of knowledge in many industries, including:

But I'm like a sponge when it comes to knowledge. My biggest thrill comes from learning. I love nothing more than to lose myself in a new subject for hours at a time. And, as you might imagine, I'm a dab hand at quiz shows!

I work from home, which has been a blessing this past year. When I first started out as a freelance copywriter, I worked from my bedroom. Now, I have a purpose-built shed in my English garden. It's warm, spacious, and connected to electricity. But, most importantly, it's my space... my refuge. My 'writing shed' is what allows me to fully focus on my work.

I have three grown-up children and a very understanding better half. They supported me to the hilt when I decided to leave a well-paid job in order to pursue a career as a freelancer. Those first few months were tough, and we all had to do without many of the luxuries to which we'd grown accustomed. But, together, we got through it. And I wouldn't be on nDash without them.

When you hire me as your copywriter, you get a personal service, a committed professional, and someone who will perform unlimited revisions. My goal is always to ensure my client is 100% happy with the final product. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Health & Wellness

Real Estate


My Writing Samples

The Latest Covid-19 Lockdown Roadmap Rules for Grassroots Football in England

A guide to Covid law compliance for grassroots football clubs in England.


How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark

A beginner's guide to stopping young dogs from barking.


The Blair Bitch Project Is Back

An opinion piece on former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.


10 Tips for Cleaning with a Newborn Baby in the House

A guide for cleaning safely when there's a young baby in the home.



Food and Beverage Manager

I was in charge of all catering operations in the North East of England's most famous theatre. I managed a team of more than 60, most of whom worked in the theatre's bars. I was also in charge of a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bustling hospitality service. During my time at the theatre, I organized large dinners and parties for several celebrities, including Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.

Company: Newcastle Theatre Royal

I worked there from 10/1998 until 6/2012

Store Manager

I was in charge of several stores in the north of England. I managed all daily aspects of a busy retail operation, including HR, training, customer service, payroll, inventory, brand awareness, and marketing.

Company: Starbucks Coffee

I worked there from 7/2001 until 4/2007

Pub and Restaurant Manager

I worked as a pub and restaurant manager at several different locations in England. I was in charge of all aspects of each business, including recruitment, training, buying, legal compliance, food safety, food and beverage standards, and payroll.

Company: Scottish and Newcastle PLC

I worked there from 10/1998 until 7/2001

Junior Reporter

I was an entry-level reporter at this local newspaper. My main duties involved processing press releases, interviewing local people, court reporting, and compiling vox pops with a photographer.

Company: Gateshead Post

I worked there from 7/1997 until 10/1998


I'm a full-time freelance copywriter, based in the UK. I have several long-term clients in industries as varied as health foods and soccer equipment. I write in excess of 30 blog posts and articles a week — mostly as a ghost writer. I also write video scripts, newsletters, web copy, brochure copy, advertising copy, and just about anything that involves the written word.

Company: Contentable

I worked there from 7/2012 until now

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