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About Me

Tom is an outdoor and adventure travel writer and full-time firefighter based in Leeds, UK. He can be regularly spotted in the rolling hills of Yorkshire with his wife and daughter or summiting the great mountains of his childhood home of Wales. But, his true passion lies in leaving his home island to explore the rest of the world. From cycling four countries in Southeast Asia on a $250 bicycle to walking the Annapurna circuit in frosty Nepal, he’s at his happiest miles away from home not knowing what tomorrow will bring.  

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My Writing Samples

Do You Need Breaststroke Fins For Training?

An article for the brand Arena about implementing fins into breaststroke training.


The Mountains Of Snowdonia

A listicle about my personal favourite summit in Snowdonia.


New Technology That Will Save Lives Of Wild Swimmers

A startup in Ireland is producing a new floatation device for wild swimmers.


The Best Travel YouTube Channels In 2021

A listicle about the best YouTube travel channels.




I write outdoors and travel articles for a well-established blog that gets a lot of traffic.

Company: The Adventure Blog

I worked there from / until now


Working for a content agency. I currently have a contract to write articles for the swimwear brand Arena.

Company: Growth Machine

I worked there from / until now

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