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Finance Freelance Writer

About Me

Aaliyah has a bachelor's degree in finance from Loyola University Chicago. She has professional experience in journalism and even had a finance internship at Target HQs.

She can be described as a fun-loving, analytical, and passionate freelance writer within the sector of finance who possesses a keen ability to adapt writing voices to fit any organization's brand.

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The Beginner's Guide To Budgeting

"Budgeting might sound complex, but it's really not once you take the leap and actually get started. Plus, the payoff is worth the small learning curve. Creating a monthly budget can put your financial woes at ease because you know exactly where your money is going and how much money you're bringing in monthly. Taking control of your finances can seem daunting, but it's worth it when you're not stressed about your ability to pay your bills on time, while still meeting your personal..."


Smart Ways To Invest Your Tax Returns

"In 2019, the average tax refund was $2,869, which is almost an entire month of income for many Americans. A sudden influx of cash makes it so tempting to splurge, but does that align with your long-term financial goals? As savvy responsible women, we have options besides breaking the bank on a new pair of heels, a lavish vacay, or a designer purse."


These Low-Risk Investments Are Perfect For The Scared Investor

If thinking about investing in the stock market gives you major anxiety, you're not alone. Before completely writing off anything having to do with investing, make sure you're aware of all of your options. Investopedia surveyed 1,405 affluent millennials and discovered that 40 percent of respondents agreed that investing in the stock market was "risky" and almost a quarter claimed that it was overwhelming. This is unsurprising with the investing horror stories detailing the hundreds or even thou


Ditch Your Medical Bill Debt

Medical debt spares no one, regardless of age or education status. Even those who are financially stable are facing medical debt. Actually, over 50% of Americans who have medical debt don't even have other types of debt on their credit reports. The fear of medical debts can prevent people from seeking the medical care they so desperately need, which can be dangerous. This fear is common because about one-third of Americans admitted to postponing medical care to spare themselves the medical costs



Financial Freelance Writer

Cultivated two articles weekly that averaged 1,000 words pertaining to various aspects of finance: finance literature recommendations, budgeting tools, saving methods, and investment advice.

Company: XoNecole

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Finance Intern

Collected, organized, and analyzed quantitative data using MS Excel to evaluate Property Management’s capital investment impact on maintenance and repair expenses. Utilized financial modeling to guide property management in making strategic equipment replacement decisions based on maintenance and repair expense trends that will lead to cost reductions. Presented technical analytical findings verbally using PowerPoint. Created charts and tables to visually express financial data and trends. Coll

Company: Target HQ

I worked there from 6/2019 until 8/2020

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