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New Graduate with Bachelors in Banking and Finance, having various internship experiences with firms like Bajaj Capital and ShaadiSaga in sales and marketing and data validation. Noted for skills in meeting deadlines, time management, accurate research and effective problem-solving. I can write on content related to banking and financial services, literature, science, current affairs, marketing, business etc. 

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Must know differences between a corporate card and a credit card

Due to the pandemic, various companies and even some established businesses face the problem of handling their expenses on a month-to-month basis. There are situations when the companies have to pay upfront for the business-related expense. Issuing a corporate credit card can be a possible fix to this situation. They come with a high, thus enabling businesses to fund their needs. It also provides entities with generous reward points.


How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit and Why it is Useful

While some credit card users automatically get their increase in credit limit from the issuer, other users only get a raise in the limit if they ask. To initiate this process, one can call the toll-free number (posted on the back of the card or on the monthly bill) and listen to the prompts. There will be a prompt for requesting a credit limit increase.


Co-Relation between Indian Festival Navratri and COVID-19

So, this is a marvellous Puranic story of the birth of Durga. It is said that a terrible buffalo headed demon Mahishasura, had succeeded in conquering all the devas (gods) and established himself as a master of all the creation. The gods despairing in defeat, retreated to a conclave under Lord Indra to find a solution. They decided to pool their strengths, each contributing a particular weapon or personal attribute, with all of their attributions and rituals emerged a dazzling light .....


Sita's Ram

Tim took a cookie. Ann said he stole it. The teacher thinks Tim is bad. His dad said he was hungry. The economist professor thinks it was a rational choice to maximize utility. Behavioural Biologist would say it is his hormones that drive him to do it. A neuroscientist would think it's his brain. A psychologist would look for the answers in his past. The priest would point to GOD. Everybody has a different perspective for everything, they see, feel, hear and touch upon.



Here is now a humble attempt to express my very own version of the truth about the topic “The Truth” in the form of an essay. Given that there can be volumes of books that can be written on this topic. This is just an excerpt compared to that.



Business Development Executive

1) Referred customers to specialized selling teams to build long term trust. 2) Fostered prospective client relationships resulting in 150 new client accounts. 3) Collaborated with the sales and marketing department to support business objectives and client acquisition. 4) Identified new targets, developed new business opportunities and presented product lines to the customers. 5) Collaborated with managers to provide customer feedback and recommend operational changes to meet emerging trends.

Company: Shaadisaga

I worked there from 1/2020 until 7/2020

Marketing and Sales Intern

1) Helped clients plan for future retirements using mutual funds and other option to manage, customize and diversify a portfolio. 2) Created business plan and identified target customers. 3) Supported sales team with administrative assistance such as coordinating paperwork and responding to basic queries. 4) Managed customer expectations and helped navigate the sales process. 5) Completed as many as 100 outbound calls each day to the leads.

Company: Bajaj Capital

I worked there from 5/2018 until 12/2018

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