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Multi-Passionate B2B and B2C Writer and Editor.

About Me

I’m Katy, freelance writer, editor, and content manager. I’ve been helping businesses, charities, entrepreneurs, and others tell their stories, sell their products, and engage their audiences since 2002.

I’m obsessed with great content – that blend of art, science, and data that results in above-the-fold page one search engine rankings, lots of social shares, and high conversions.

While I'm a strong generalist, I also specialize in technology, online privacy, and internet freedom. Mental health, remote working, sustainability, health, and wellness topics are also areas of expertise. 

I've written with and managed content for a slew of brands, from bleeding-edge tech startups to lifestyle blogs and Fortune 100 enterprises, producing features, books, blogs, white papers, case studies, and website copy.

Search engine optimized, competitor-beating, sales-driving, useful, valuable, shareable content. It’s what every business needs. It’s your voice. And today, there’s so much noise, so it’s harder than ever to rise above and give your audience a reason to come to you. I know how tough it can be to find the right words to engage your readers, please the search engines, and drive traffic and sales.

That’s where I come in – I give you the opportunity to stand out from all the dross, to let your content shine, and draw your readers in organically.

I understand that truly outstanding content creation involves more than just pouring your thoughts (and sometimes your heart and your passion) onto the page.

Since 2002, I’ve been honing my craft, immersing myself in SEO, big data, SERP trends, and content creation. I’m a dab hand with WordPress, I run several of my own blogs and websites, and I know Google’s Search Engine Evaluator manual like the back of my hand.

Yes, I’m a writer, a researcher, an editor, and a content manager. But what I really am is a page quality expert and content specialist. I’ve positioned myself at the junction of user intent, E-A-T, lengthy, high-quality content, on-page SEO, and technical SEO to deliver the best, most useful content to businesses and audiences.

Great writing is just one element of stellar content.

The best content is meticulously, systematically designed.

Here are a few of the steps it involves (and what you'll receive from me)…

Industries I Write About



Science & Medicine


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

These 7 Companies Secretly Own Dozens of VPNs

An overview of the seven companies that own the top 40 VPNs


Can ExpressVPN Be Trusted and Is It Legal? Cure53 Report 2022

An overview of the latest independent Cure53 ExpressVPN audit.


The 9 Best Secure Password Managers for 2022

A roundup of the best tested password managers.


ExpressVPN Speed Test - Is This the Fastest VPN

A deep dive into speed testing for ExpressVPN.


How to Install a VPN on Android

A how-to guide for installing a VPN on an Android device.


Should You Always Keep Your VPN On?

Advice on whether you should keep your VPN on all the time.


Video Games Rot Your Brain and Teach Violence?

An amusing look at the truth behind the myths surrounding playing video games.


What It's Really Like to Work Remotely

A humorous but truthful look at what it's really like to work from home. This was written pre-pandemic but is still super-relevant today.


Complete Guide to Euthanasia Legality in 2021

This is a deep research piece on the legality of euthanasia across the world in 2021 and the statistics around the incidences of euthanasia.


Best DNA Tests for Weightloss

A review of the top DNA tests that can help inform a reader's weight loss program.


Best Melt and Pour Soap Recipes + Beginner's Guide to Making Melt and Pour Soap

A popular handicraft roundup that also includes a nicely detailed how-to guide.


Best Rapid At-Home STD Tests

A review of the best rapid at-home STD tests available. Sensitively handling a tough topic and helping to reduce stigma and taboo and normalize regular sexual health screening.


What is Organic Gardening? The Ultimate Guide

An epic guide covering all the basics of organic gardening. This is a huge piece of valuable content, heavily interlinked to allow readers to dive deeper into the subtopics they're most interested in.


How to Make Bone Broth for Dogs

A recipe and lots of useful background information around making bone broth for dogs and cats, promoting healthful, natural pet nutrition.


The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services

Comparing the best online marketing services side by side. Read in-depth reviews and learn how the best online marketing companies stack up.


Ultimate Guide to Buying a Two Way Radio

Comprehensive buying guide for two-way radios, explaining features, what to look for, and top picks.


Your Laptop Could Be Killing You: Electromagnetic Poisoning in the Digital Age

A feature on electromagnetic hypersensitivity, with interviews from real sufferers, and a look at the science behind it.


12 AC Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

A general maintenance tips and guidance article giving readers real, practical, actionable advice.


How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Swimming Pool?

An overview of repair coss for swimming pools, complete with cost breakdowns.


Buying a Retail POS System? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

Here's what you should look for in a modern, technologically advanced point-of-sale system for your business.



Freelance Writer and Editor

I write and edit for Angi and its sister site, HomeAdvisor, specializing in cost guides and decision guides, helping consumers make informed contractor and purchase decisions related to home renovation.

Company: Angi and HomeAdvisor

I worked there from 2/2019 until now


Content By Design is my freelance content services business. I founded it in 2002 and have since helped countless businesses, from bloggers to some of the world's biggest brands, to reach their audience and deliver stellar content. Through my company, I offer freelance writing, editing, and content management services. Clients I've helped include: Business.com | Gardens Alive | Paysa | Tom's Guide | Garden Guides | Surthrival | Reviews.com

Company: Content By Design, Ltd

I worked there from 4/2002 until now


Founded in 2015, realselfsufficiency.com is a website dedicated to organic homesteading, green living, and DIY. I'm the writer, editor, and content manager, and this site is my digital baby.

Company: Real Self-Sufficiency

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Content Manager

I ran content operations for three of this company's largest sites - vpnMentor.com, SafetyDetectives.com, and DNAweekly.com. Under my content leadership, vpnMentor's revenue grew by 91% in one year. After troubleshooting and turning around this site, putting in proper content practices, documentation, workflow and so on, I was sent to do the same on another of their sites - SafetyDetectives. And eventually, we replicated these successes on DNAWeekly, too.

Company: Webselenese

I worked there from 8/2019 until 5/2021

Project Manager

In my role at this content agency, I ran content operations for clients such as Amazon, Staples, JimmyJazz, Purch, Berlin Packaging, GNC, NewEgg, Slice, Jockey, American Eagle, Sears, and Quill, among others. I was responsible for the entire content process, from brief creation and goal-setting to running the teams, editing, auditing, and delivering.

Company: eZdia

I worked there from 1/2014 until 8/2019

Managing Editor

My role as managing editor began when the company was in its earliest startup phase in 2014. The role was multi-faceted and involved communication at all levels, from liaising with freelance writers to negotiating with and pitching to industry-leading websites and publications, as well as extensive content creation, content strategy, and planning. The role also encompassed a significant amount of digital marketing.

Company: Dingit

I worked there from 9/2014 until 10/2016

Writer, Editor, Quality Auditor

I worked as a freelance writer, editor, quality auditor, and project manager for eBay, across the US, UK, and AU teams. My role involved creating a variety of content, from in-depth buying guides to product descriptions. Additionally, I was charged with creating knowledgeable how-to's and advice guides, specifically for home repair, product choices, DIY, renovation, and upcycling.

Company: eBay

I worked there from 3/2011 until 10/2016

Feature Contributor

I created multiple regular weekly features for this unconventional lifestyle magazine, ranging from alternative and green living to cutting-edge technology and innovative business pieces.

Company: Plaid Zebra

I worked there from 8/2014 until 3/2016

Content I Write