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12+ years of freelance writing experience

About Me

It might be surprising that at just 30 years old I can already boast of more than 12 years of experience with freelance writing, but I was fortunate enough to have gotten involved in paid writing early. I enjoy the challenge of taking on virtually any topic imaginable for my clients and putting in the time and effort required to produce a piece of writing that meets their standards and expectations. I hope to be of assistance to any client who will do me the honor of allowing me to write for them.

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My Writing Samples

Yum Brands Dumps A&W, Looks To Expand Internationally

Stock market centric article focused on Yum Brands International


PepsiCo: Still A Great Choice For Buy And Hold Investors

Detailed analysis (and editor's choice pick) of the financial health of PepsiCo.



Invoicing Clerk

Extensive and rapid data entry for invoices for a major public transportation company

Company: Old Dominion Freight Line

I worked there from 5/2015 until 5/2017

Transportation Asset Manager

Oversaw the maintenance needs for the entire West Coast portion of the fleet for the 20th largest private company in America. Personally managed those needs for roughly 140 trucks and trailers.

Company: Pilot/Flying J Corporate Office

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Content I Write