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About Me

Welcome to my profile!

I started my writing career by going freelance. While I freelanced, I covered several niches, from fitness to DIY. You name it, I've (probably) done it! I've also ghostwritten blog posts for a few companies.

I've been a copywriter for Monarchy, and now I'm a Content Writer at Pearl Lemon.

I'm constantly improving by using new tools, writing about niches I haven't written about before, and taking courses on everything, from copywriting to beekeeping (just kidding!)

When I write for you, you'll get:

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Health & Wellness

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Content Writer

I started a work placement at Pearl Lemon in March 2021. Pearl Lemon is a company that specializes in SEO. I write blogs for Pearl Lemon, SendKoala, ResumeCats, Pearl Lemon Properties, SERPWizz, and more.

Company: Pearl Lemon

I worked there from 3/2021 until now


I was a copywriter at Monarchy, a digital services company. I wrote website copy, newsletters, email copy, landing pages, health booklets, social media posts, and blog posts. I wrote for their clients Body Contourz, 5-15, Angel Longevity, American Power & Gas, and Upliffs.

Company: Monarchy

I worked there from 7/2020 until 12/2020

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