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Freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Writer

About Me

What I do

I am a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer who specializes in writing blog posts and articles for clothing and lifestyle brands and publications. Over the years I have developed an in-depth knowledge of popular trends, always keeping an ear to the ground in search of the newest, most unique brands who are out there changing the way we live our lives.

A little background

In 2018 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Long Beach State with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in theatre studies. While at CSULB, I wrote, produced, and acted in numerous theatrical productions and short films.

After graduating, I moved to Paris for two years where I continued my theatre studies at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. It was here where I really developed a passion for fashion, art, and culture that I have now transformed into a writing business.

Now I live in Los Angeles where I write and act full time. When I’m not typing away at my laptop, I’m most likely in the ocean surfing, visiting an art exhibit, or in a small movie theatre off the beaten path watching an old foreign film that no one’s ever heard of.

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My Writing Samples

Houseplant, a Seth Rogen Company, Sells High-End Cannabis Strains and…Home Goods?

Famed comedian, actor, and stoner Seth Rogen recently launched his own cannabis company, Houseplant, which doesn't just sell weed but also home decor.


Macklemore is Bringing Style Back to Golf

Grammy award-winning artist and producer Macklemore's new golf apparel line is putting style back into the game of golf.



Freelance Writer

Wrote the narration for a commercial for Chateau Tivoli, a high-end bed and breakfast in San Francisco.

Company: Respect the Funk

I worked there from 3/2021 until 3/2021

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