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Blog Posts, Case Studies, and White Papers for SaaS and Tech Companies

About Me

Your web content is what defines your brand. Great content is how your customers find you on search engines and how you prove your expertise.

The key to getting in front of your target customers and top of Google search results?

A steady stream of high-quality, reliable articles that offer something unique.

Your company blog is your chance to showcase your skills and has a lot to offer:

*Improved SEO ranking

*Capture leads at every step of the customer journey

*Increase conversions

*Build a valuable reputation

The problem is that this consistent stream of information is a time-consuming process. It also requires a level of expertise that many writers don't have.

Let me help.

I am an SEO content strategist that will take your blog to a new level. Both HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified and extensively trained in SEO, I know what it takes to create articles that can reach each level of the marketing funnel to engage and convert. 

You deserve a writer who can connect with your brand and craft the content that engages your target customer. You need someone that can do the in-depth research needed to make sure you have polished and influential writing.

You need someone to get it right.

I have the skills and passion for getting the job done.

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My Writing Samples

Machine Learning and SEO: How to Adjust Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

How to incorporate Machine Learning into SEO


What is User Interface and Why Does it Matter for Your Business Website?

Description of User Interface


Voice Search SEO: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Content

How to use voice search SEO


IT Benchmarking Explained: How To Assess Your IT Efforts

What is IT benchmarking and how to use it


What’s Serverless? Pros, Cons & How Serverless Computing Works

Explanation of serverless computing.


Server-Side Streaming for the Security Conscious

Why organizations need to embrace server-side streaming


8 benefits of using RPA (and how to get even more from the software)

What RPA is and its top benefits for companies.



Freelance Writer

Web-copy for businesses that connect with customers and stands out from the competition. Some of my services include: * Website copy that captures your unique vision and voice to draw and convert readers. * About Us that gives your company a warm and human element that makes readers like you. * Case Studies that show your readers what you can do for them. * Email campaigns that turn warm leads into paying customers. * Strong Call to Actions that convert the casual reader into a loyal customer.

Company: Kayly Lange Writing

I worked there from 6/2017 until now

Content I Write