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A content writer with over 5 years of experience. I create compelling & engaging content across industries due to my undergraduate & masters degrees in Political Science & Public Policy- which means everything you get is thoroughly researched.

About Me

Vedika Berry has been helping clients create compelling content for over 5 years. Drawing upon her experience as the co Editor in Chief of the high school magazine she was a part of, increasing readership was always a goal that was achieved with ease. Her undergraduate degree and masters degrees in Political Science & Public Policy respectively have ensured that every topic but be researched exhaustively to create content that is authentic and informative, whether it is about a new product on an e-commerce platform or an academic article for an online journal. 

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My Writing Samples

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Chief of Strategy

We help build homegrown brands through a blend of brand strategy and brand communication. The idea is to help establish brands that need a partner on board, not just cookie cutter strategy with no purposeful thinking. Brands: Knox Studio & Keventers

Company: Sp.aceMade Creative

I worked there from 1/2021 until now

Strategic Partnerships

Creating and implementing sales strategy to onboard social impact organisations onto our platforms, as well as volunteers.

Company: BackPac Partnerships

I worked there from 11/2020 until now

Brand Manager

- Improved click-through rates by 60% from the social media pages to ordering by key words, SEO and branding - Achieved high incidence sales target 5x over the projection for a new product in the category through integrated media planning and effective communication. - Project management of new product launches including supply chain, operations, marketing and quality control. Led a team of 10+ people.

Company: Keventers

I worked there from 8/2017 until 4/2019

Senior Brand Strategist

- Created impactful digital media campaigns by identifying human insights and scaling them into marketable content. - Measurable success through content marketing, SEO and media advertisements. Increased Future Group’s visibility on social media by over 100% in the first month through content marketing tailored to the demographic. - Closed over 15 brands for the agency, from pitching to creating award-winning digital media campaigns.

Company: Repindia

I worked there from 3/2016 until 7/2017

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