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Freelance academic writer with over 5 years of experience.

About Me

Hi, my name is Christopher. I graduated from Kisii University with a bachelor's degree in business and management and a minor in accounting. In college, I realized the classes I appreciated most were not necessarily the most interesting topics. Rather, it was the professors who made the classes enjoyable. These professors were always engaging and comprehensible when teaching the material in the classroom and willing to go the extra mile when I asked for additional help or clarification. I try to bring this knowledge to my tutoring approach and do anything to make learning a pleasant experience. I use lesson plans to introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then explicitly teach the material. Afterward, I always ensure time for students to practice the material on their own. Of course, I can adjust this method based on the subject and the student's individual needs. I have five years of experience as an academic expert. Through my working experience, I have known how to treat my clients by ensuring their quality and timely delivery. Welcome to my page, and feel free to contact me via the messaging features in this platform. Thank you.

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How can Leadership Negatively Affect the Success of a Company?

Write an essay on how leadership negatively affect the success of a company.




I worked as a tutor in the company for three years. I wrote assignments and homework for my clients. I also held tutoring sessions every day after school where students could come for any homework help. In this setting, I tutored not only calculus but also writing, business.

Company: EssayPro

I worked there from 1/2015 until 2/2017

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