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Looking to forge a Freelance lifestyle. Creative writer. Voracious reader. Husband, Father, Chef, Oilman, Fly Fisher.

About Me

About Me;

I am proudly a first-generation Hungarian-Canadian. Although I was born in Canada, my father, mother, and step-mother being Hungarian keeps me well-grounded to my ethnic roots while holding deep patriotic feelings to the Great White North.

Born and raised in a Rocky Mountain mining and Ski town offered many advantages and bountiful blessings. Being of a relatively unknown European nationality with a gem of a name, Arpad, in a town full of Dave’s, Jason’s, Mike’s, and Steven’s, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Then again, my father’s favorite song was from Johnny Cash — A Boy Named Sue, so maybe he had planned it that way. It was tough and my start to life was tough. A little look into my family can be found here. Through My Mother’s Hands | Families (vocal.media) 

In my adult life, I have had a career as a Chef across the country in prominent hotels, restaurants, and private clubs. I’ve spent years as an Oilman, working the iron of the industry to Operations manager,  facilitating operations simultaneously across national borders. Most recently I’ve been working in Civil construction. Building bridges, roads, tunnels, and more but all of them have failed to bring sustainable success. Now, against all rational sense and logic, I’m working on becoming a writer.

Being on this path, now, is only possible because of the situation with my health. This is easily the most difficult time of my life. My obstacles are large, the struggle is substantial, and you can read more about that here Standing on the Edge of Losing Everything. | Psyche (vocal.media) 

I am grateful for being home. Spending tons of quality time with my daughter, who, at only turning twelve this summer is already a talented artist, you can see her work here on Instagram @interesting.ink writer and an old soul, and a budding young Chef.

My goal here is to make writing, and beta reading deliver a reasonable income. I am confident I have the writing skills that combine creativity, humor, cleverness, and charm to effectively deliver the message requested. It is extremely important to me that I can work from home as long as possible. 

My Zen is Fly Fishing. Spending time high in the Rocky Mountains as far away from civilization and people as I can get. Free camping for a week at a time near a river or lake with my daughter, our dog, and a tent is paradise. Teaching my daughter the art of Fly Fishing and watching her find her rhythm with the water and woods is soul-satisfying.

I hope that my endeavors with writing will also offer the same authentic pleasure and contentment.

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Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Super Simple Scrumptious Cloud Cookies

Anecdotal story with recipe


Darkest Before The Dawn

Humorous article about printer repair.


A Hobby for All Seasons with No End in Reason

Article/story about a hobby. Fly Tying.


What Blessings In Disguise Have You Been Experiencing Lately?

Self-reflection writing prompt. Health and Wellness




All aspects of Civil Construction. Certificates in Environmental Monitoring, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Mine Supervisor/Supervisor/Foreman

Company: Greenfield Construction

I worked there from 6/2019 until 12/2020

Measurement While Drilling, Directional Drilling. Corporate Trainer

Resource extraction consulting services.

Company: LABB MWD Guidance Services

I worked there from 6/2010 until 3/2019

Operations Manager - North American Continent

MWD Operations Manager - Oil and Gas - USA/Canada

Company: Meridian Directional Services

I worked there from 8/2006 until 5/2010

Certified Red Seal Chef.

Chef at top-tier private clubs, hotels, resorts, private restaurants.

Company: Various across Canada.

I worked there from 11/1994 until 7/2006

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