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I help small businesses increase brand awareness and conversion through content and copywriting.

About Me

I am a driven content marketing strategist with experience in digital marketing, SEO analysis, social media management, and content writing. I am strategic and innovative with a passion for driving brand awareness, engagement, and product performance. I have a Bachelor's degree in marketing communication, I work with product-based and digital marketing businesses. I write educational blog posts for my clients. I help them with their social media strategies on how to grow their brands and build communities. I have helped my clients drove more traffic to their websites through content writing.  

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My Writing Samples

Beginner's Guide to SEO

This comprehensive guide focuses on SEO and how to get started if you're a beginner. It covers SEO best practices and the best SEO tools to use.


Blog - 3 Common Reasons Why Your Visual Marketing is Not Working..

This blog post teaches small brands about the benefit of visual marketing and how it can help their brand image.


Email promotion

An email story that teases a solution about how to spend less on a big wedding, the intent is to get the receiver to click a link to reveal the solution.


What is Marketing Collaboration: Can Small Brands Do it Too

This blog is about marketing collaboration campaigns, why it's effective, and how small businesses can take advantage of this marketing tactic.



Content Strategist

Creating social media content. Writing educational blog posts. Curating social media feeds. Community management. Copywriting for social media posts.

Company: Sofxiom

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