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About Me

a) I am an expert in typing, data entry, content writing, CVs, covering letters, blogging, paraphrasing, MS-Word and MS-Excel, Google doc., Google sheet, official day-to-day work. 

b) I have been dealing with office and clerical projects and assignments regarding academic institutional management, supervising operations of the internet portals of various government departments for admission/registration, examinations of the students in an educational institution. I am to create/compose all related correspondence to the affiliated university and various administrative departments. I prepare attendance statistics, final grading of the medical students, and MSP of the graduates.


Superintendent Student Section,

Office Superintendent. | A public institution for medical education, health department. August 2004 - Present a) Among other responsibilities, I am to respond to the correspondence, of the affiliated university, administrative departments as well as the medical council, in shape of covering letters, prescribed forma, notifications, and tabulations. I am to prepare attendance percentage statistics sheets, subject-wise and cumulative grading of the students.

Company: Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

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