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I help brands and business grow their sales and revenue with my content writing skills

About Me

Well, finding and owning a Content writer or copywriter who digests your business theme or brand voice and provides engaging, SEO-optimized, and irresistible content to the reader is a blessing in disguise.

If you want a content writer/ copywriter who brings your business goals into reality, keep reading because I am going to spill the tea and let you know why I am the God-sent writer you have been searching for all along!

My motto: 'To brainstorm and pen down words that co-relate to the business or brand voice while bringing more traffic, retaining the customers, and also generating more revenue'

How would I possibly bring my motto into reality? You may ask,

I believe in three things when it comes to writing. They are:
experience, expertise, and strategy.

I curate my drafts while considering my experience about the subject, later conduct extensive research to provide expertise about the topic at hand, and then strategize the content to meet the requirements.

Well, where does the writing skill, toning, error-free aspects go?

They are still in my arsenal but my core beliefs and writing methodology revolve around the three things I mentioned above.

The three most common questions my clients ask...

How will I generate more traffic?
The root for generating more traffic is, well guess what, it's SEO! The more your website is visible to your target audience, the more you will gain traction. I include white hat SEO tips when I write for your website.

How will I retain customers?
The magic of my words, the emotions, and the flavor I inject into my words will do the job.

How will I generate more revenue?
By generating more sales, the power of persuasion - Copywriting!

And by now you might have guessed that my content would be,
1. 100% plagiarism-free.
2. Free-flowing and filled with a unique voice.
3. Grammatically error-free.
4. Well structured and well researched,
5. Meets the deadline and requirements.

So, if you have been reading all along with the article and realized that my core beliefs and strategy resonate with you, that you are ready to scale your business and reach the heights of success, don't forget to send me an email at srushtishiva2001@gmail.com, and let's take things further.

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My Writing Samples

How to Rekindle a Marriage

An article for IncNut Website .


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A blog article for IncNut.com


Krazye Marketing LLC

Provided complete website copy for the Krazye Marketing company which included both content writing and copywriting services.



Content Writer

* As a content writer at Witty Pen, I Assisted and helped numerous brands and websites to engage with their audience through my content writing skills. * I also worked closely with the team manager and team editor to produce content and copy that suits the needs of the business. * I have worked with reputed websites like IncNut.com, Amura.com, and SocialPilot.com, and provided content writing, creative writing and copywriting services.

Company: WittyPen

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

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