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SEO Content for Real Estate and Education Companies

About Me

Hi Everyone!

I'm a former history teacher turned real estate enthusiast and content creator. During the pandemic, I decided to start writing as a hobby which ultimately led to writing opportunities at BiggerPockets. From there, I built a business focused on working with real estate tech companies, realtors, and other businesses that I believe in.

My goal is to inform your target audiences in a way that is meaningful, genuine, and on-brand. To streamline the writing process to make things run smoothly from start to finish.  Here is my 4 step process:

Step 1: Identify Brand Needs

Work with you to create a buyer persona. Based on our discussion, you plan on targeting students graduating community colleges. 

Step 2: Gather SEO terms

I will help you compile a list of SEO terms you can rank for more easily. Rather than trying to compete with the big names in your industry, I suggest finding less searched, more specific terms that give you a higher likelihood of getting to the first page on Google. By focusing on low hanging fruit terms in your industry, you will get more targeted traffic to your website.

In general, if you can target specific areas or even community college search terms this would be the most beneficial. 

Step 3: Content Calendar

Based on the SEO research and brand needs, I create a content calendar for the month including article titles, SEO, and other research.

Step 4: Blog Post Creation

I create blog posts based on steps 1-3. This includes inbound and outbound links embedded into the content, a focus on long tail keywords, and increased volume.

Let's work together to give your brand a unique voice! 

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Kyle Spearin's Portfolio

Within my portfolio, you will find 9 examples of content I've produced in industries ranging from real estate to education.



Self-Employed SEO Content Writer

I create content that positions startups and real estate professionals as thought leaders. My clients include: -A Mark Cuban backed startup. -BiggerPockets.com, the largest real estate blog in the world. -Realtors across the United States. -Silicon Valley real estate tech companies.

Company: Spearin Consulting

I worked there from 8/2020 until now

Content I Write