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Copywriter and Content writer | Head of Marketing Zzoko

About Me

I have quite a versatile resume, including experience from Content Writing, to Design, Product Development, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Sustainability, Agritech, and even as an Educator at Unacademy. You think that's weird? Probably that’s what happens with struggling solopreneurs? :D

My major expertise lies in Content writing, Marketing Strategy, and sustainability. I bring interesting ideas to the table and am an innate problem solver.

Ever since my childhood, I have learned to do stuff by myself. My learnings have helped me develop diverse skillsets and interests. This has enhanced my understanding of several subjects and has enabled me to understand varied perspectives surrounding a single project.

I have written for many companies including upGrad, STL, BTC,  Newton’s school, Betterdrones, Ecochirp foundation, Zzoko, Rapid Sigma Solutions, Magic Edtech, E2E Networks, Skuad, Appscms and many more.

Reach out to me for:

1. Engaging, data driven blogs and articles
2. Social media content

3. LinkedIn posts

4. Impactful presentations 

5. Website content 

6. Technical documentation 

7. Brochures

8. Content marketing strategy 

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My Writing Samples

LinkedIn Post: Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)

Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) are used to improve the accuracy of GNSS data. Both methods enhance precision to cm level accuracy. RTK provides real-time corrections to the location data while the drone is flying, while the PPK technique corrects data after the flight.


Blog for Coding Ninjas: Python Vs PHP: Is There a Clear Choice in 2021?

Python and PHP are both very powerful for their particular use cases. The choice has to be made based on certain factors discussed in the article.


Website Content for Newton's School

Wrote web copy for the renowned Newton's School


Blog for E2E networks: How Startups Have Benefited From Advancements in AI

Today, at least one out of 10 companies is using artificial intelligence technology. From a chatbot to security applications, AI is helping companies step ahead to solve real-world issues. Every major tech company is allotting enormous resources to explore possibilities on how artificial intelligence can improve its operations and solutions. Personal assistants like Google Assistant and Siri are now a part of our daily lives. Soon we might even see revolutionary self-driving cars on our road


Blog for E2E networks: New Rules for Web Application and API

Web applications and APIs form the fundamental unit of all internet-connected devices. A web application is a program that utilises a web browser for functioning. In contrast, an API (i.e., an application programming interface) is software that allows two or more applications to interact and exchange data. With the exponential increase in the businesses taking the online route, more and more attackers target the web applications and API for causing harm either for monetary incentives or for dis


Blog for Betterdrones:Mapping Through the Waves to access climate change:With Fluid lensing & drones

There is still a lot undiscovered and unmeasured on this earth, as the centuries-old living corals. Who could have thought that the secret to unlocking these mysteries will lie within the flying robots? The survey and mapping of rainforests have resulted in a new understanding of the role of these ecosystems in sustaining the biosphere. Detailed mapping of corals could do the same and allow scientists to conduct precise population surveys over large areas and assess the impact of climate change


Blog for Betterdrones: UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) and why is there a need to establish it?

Unmanned traffic management (UTM) system is designed to regulate drone traffic in the airspace. UTM system will help us develop safe and efficient drone operations by providing services like airspace design, dynamic geofencing, adverse weather and wind avoidance, congestion management, route planning, separation management, and more. It is basically designed to prevent drones and other manned aircraft from colliding.


Blog for Betterdrones: Can Drones Cut Down Carbon Emissions?

There is a direct correlation between human activity and carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The main causes are fossil fuel use, agriculture, and deforestation. With the exploding population, global demand for resources and consumption also increases which in turn contributes to the increased carbon emissions in the transport, commerce and agricultural industries. The drone is a new and interesting way to help combat this issue.



Event Coordinator

Worked closely with the core team to manage the event, invite speakers, manage the on-field event, and data handling and entry.

Company: Drone Federation of India

I worked there from 12/2019 until 1/2020

Freelance Content Writer

I used to write blogs on lean six sigma and analytics topics.

Company: Rapid Sigma Solutions

I worked there from 6/2020 until 12/2020

Content Writer

I write blogs related to drone technology and create weekly knowledge transfer posts that explain the technical and on-ground aspects of drone technology.

Company: Betterdrones

I worked there from 7/2019 until 4/2021

Freelance Email Marketing Specialist

I created an email marketing automation setup for 2 of their products, Appcms and Applanding.page on SendinBlue.

Company: Appscms

I worked there from 12/2020 until 2/2021

Head of Content

I used to write blogs on sustainable development goals and lead a team of 6 content writers. I took interviews for the content team, and guide them.

Company: Ecochirp Foundation

I worked there from 4/2020 until 1/2021

Digital Marketing Manager

I was responsible for the complete digital marketing and email marketing of the company. I had also worked on influencer collaborations.

Company: 108Bespoke

I worked there from 9/2020 until 1/2021

Head of Marketing

I am managing the front end of the company and the Marketing, Content Development, and Business development teams. I also assist in product development.

Company: Monklabs Private Limited (Zzoko)

I worked there from 11/2020 until now

Content I Write