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FinTech Writer | Financial Markets Blogger

About Me

With over five years of marketing experience, and three years of FinTech experience, I have a unique understanding of the content requirements of FinTechs, financial institutions and technology businesses. I have worked on white papers, blogs and articles for B2B FinTech consultancies, financial markets journals and SaaS tools. I've written extensively on topics such as DevOps, AI, providing managed services for tools including Salesforce, ServiceNow, AWS etc, cloud migrations, and general financial marketing topics. I've ghostwritten for many financial markets leaders, and won several million-dollar leads leveraging content on LinkedIn. 

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My Writing Samples

4 Key Steps to Start Using DevOps at Your Business in 2021

Ghostwritten for COO. Technological innovation is rocking the business world to its core. Businesses in all industries have experienced fundamental changes resulting from disruptive technologies. This article discussed DevOps and how businesses can leverage it.


Why Financial Marketers Should Consider Dancing Over to TikTok

This comparative newcomer to the social media scene is where Gen Z lives, digitally. Banks and credit unions that want to reach younger consumers should be working to develop the kind of content that resonates with these consumers.


What Does an Omnichannel Strategy Mean for Wealth Management?

Ghostwritten for Chief Sales Officer. In an ever-changing digital landscape, omnichannel strategies help businesses to create unified experiences. Omnichannel strategies can benefit many industries, from eCommerce to online banking.


The Rise of Micro-Investing: Bringing Your Users Closer to Their Futures

Ghostwritten for CEO and Board Director. Micro-investing is the practice of investing small amounts of money by purchasing smaller amounts or fractional shares of a stock. As micro-investing has grown in popularity, more and more companies have begun to take advantage of the practice and its related technologies.


How Financial Institutions Can Create Bonds with an Ever-Evolving Market

In order to create long-lasting bonds and relationships with consumers, financial institutions need to embrace omnichannel banking solutions. An omnichannel strategy will allow banking professionals to stay in close contact with their customers, no matter which avenue of communication is being used.


3 Innovations That Will Impact the Banking Industry in 2021

Technologies in the banking industry will only continue to evolve. Three prominent innovations in 2021 are artificial intelligence, DevOps, and omnichannel strategy. Each comes with its own strengths, benefits, and use cases.



Head of Marketing

I currently manage all aspects of the global marketing a digital transformation provider. I manage a team of four and produce much of the content.

Company: CPQi

I worked there from 2/2019 until now

Marketing Specialist

Managed all aspects of marketing including content.

Company: Procim

I worked there from 3/2017 until 2/2019

Content I Write