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I’ll Write SEO-Driven Content For You To Build Your Brand And Turn Browsers Into Buyers

About Me

I’m Pete, a marketer with over 10 years of full-time online experience and a passion for writing that just won’t quit. I’ve made over 10,000 sales online of mine and other marketers products.

Whether you want to add legions of loyal followers or start a tsunami of sales, my words will help you achieve your goals in the Digital Marketing niche.

I also enjoy writing about Natural Health And Fitness.

I’ll deliver the high quality writing that you need to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Email Marketing
You’ll get titles that beg to be clicked coupled with compelling email copy. Engaging email series creation is my speciality.

Product Descriptions
With over 3,000 sales on Amazon and Ebay, I know how to write copy that sells. I’ll do the same for your products.

Let me create copy that will skyrocket your sales with words that crackle and fizz.

Writing has allowed me to work for myself and lead life on my terms. It lets me look after my family too. Here's me with my daughter.

My writing enabled me to live the internet lifestyle whilst I spent 10 years travelling Europe, where I lived in Spain, Gibraltar, and Belgium.

As I've worked I've learnt more about the writing process, and how to engage and persuade with the written word. For me, writing is like a muscle that needs exercising, and I'm always focusing on growing and learning more, Whist I have my own style of writing, I always tailor my content so that it's a good fit for my clients needs.

Now I'm back in the UK, living a more settled existence. Still writing is an essential part of my life and work.

If you'd like to see how my writing can help you and your business, get in touch with me now.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

The Basics On Sourcing A Manufacturer In China

A guide to fining a Chinese manufacturer. This is in JPEG format to avoid duplicate content problems for the customer.


A Simple Solution To Traffic Trauma

An excerpt from my published book, The Naked Marketer: "How To Expose Yourself In Your Emails To Earn A Full-Time Income In As Little as 30 Minutes A Day."


Mail To Millions

“Build A HUGE List At Lightning Speed, Get To The Inbox More Often, Opened, Read And Clicked In Record Time And Pull In Profits FAST.” Sales Page.


Auto Mail To Millions

"Now You Can Upgrade To Fast, Hassle-Free High-Profit Mass Emailing With Our Done For You Service!" Sales Page.


Alessandro Zamboni Talks About Journals Empire

My description and offers for Journals Empire, and a video interview with Alessandro Zamboni


Exercise Bike Reviews

A collection of reviews for an Amazon site.


The Wine Drinker's Diet

"The Fast And Simple Weight Loss System That Will Change Your Life Forever." Published Book. PDF Version.



Own Business

The business included online sales of wide format printers, sales of my own designs on canvas, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, blogging, email marketing, video creation, ebook and online course creation. My words have sold over 10,000 of my products and other marketers products, both physical and virtual. My current and sole focus is freelance writing.

Company: Pete Bruckshaw

I worked there from 6/2009 until now

Content I Write