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Charismatic, witty, sarcastic, conversational writer who writes for readers first, SERPs second (and still smashes SERP results)

About Me


The long(ish) version:


I’m Josh, a freelance content writer who, like you, is sick of the boring, regurgitative crap that most writers create. I’m out to change that.

To that end, rather than spend a couple of paragraphs describing what that means, I’m going to let my work speak for itself. Check out a couple of these examples, and see if they feel like the kind of thing you’re after.








I primarily focus on SaaS & tech industries, as well as digital marketing (so I guess MarTech would be an ideal vertical for me), but have experience writing in niches such as health and wellbeing, hiring, HR, people development, and music tech.

Why work with me?

You should get in touch if you’re looking to prioritize user intent and the reader experience above everything else, and you want to create content that says something meaningful and valuable, with a tonne of character and relatability.

I’m out to prove that you can make this the number one priority, and still win SERP positions (I’ve got over 1300 first-page positions to prove it).

Work with me if you are too.

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My Writing Samples

monday.com - A complete guide to pipelines in 2021

You’ve probably heard this term thrown around in about 1,000 sales meetings: pipeline. If you’re unfamiliar with the word — and its meaning — it may have raised a few questions: What the heck is a pipeline? I thought we were selling paper, not oil? Are we going surfing for the next team-building trip? The term pipeline can be used in several different contexts, adding to the confusion. But, it does share a common meaning across the different uses. This article is going to teach everything yo


Skiplino - 11 Ways Online Appointment Schedulers Make for a Better Customer Experience

Of course, scheduling appointments is nothing new, and is an activity potentially as old as time itself. God knows what they were using back then, probably some hieroglyphs in the sand next to the 11 AM mark on their sundial. As life got busier and business began to boom (and our tech got a little more sophisticated), we moved up the ranks through diaries, personal planners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), to our current reality: a handful of calendars in our phones from the likes of Googl


monday.com - A simple guide to creating a Gantt chart in Excel, and other alternatives

If you’re like most project managers, you frequently find yourself in a deep Excel hole, frantically looking for a way out. Spreadsheets are fantastic for a whole bunch of reasons, but visualizing a project isn’t really one of them. Unless, of course, you can turn all of that data into a sexy little Gantt chart. Which, conveniently enough, is exactly what this article is about: a brief guide to creating Gantt charts in Microsoft Excel. So, grab a coffee, give yourself five minutes reprieve f


Roketto - Inbound vs Outbound Marketing | Which Is More Effective?

It’s a dichotomous world we live in, isn’t it? Left or right-wing, Apple or Samsung, innie or outie. Some we don’t get a choice in. Others we have a bit more sway over. Either way, it seems nobody wants to be left stuck in the middle. We all want to belong to a tribe of some sort. So, when it comes to choosing between inbound and outbound marketing, we inevitably feel like we have to pick a side quick or be left out in the cold to fend for ourselves. “What if I pick the wrong team?"


monday.com - 5 of the best CRMs for real estate

To say real estate is a competitive landscape would be about as cliche as describing that tiny studio apartment you just listed as ‘cozy.’ It is, though, and that presents a very real problem for real estate agents who are trying to build a business. The biggest tool in your arsenal of weapons for residential and commercial real estate success? A memorable customer experience. If you can form a strong bond with your clients, they’re not only more likely to continue to work with you;


Roketto - SaaS Marketing Playbook

Do you know what pisses me off? Blog posts with deceptive titles like “Everything You Need To Know About Drinking In The Shower” that don’t actually tell you everything you need to know. Instead, they tell you one or two things, and then say something like “talk to us if you want to know more”. There are tonnes of posts about SaaS marketing that do exactly this. Okay, I get it, it’s a good lead generator, but it’s a pain in the ass. So, we thought we’d do something different.


bloggerboy. - The Counterintuitive Guide To B2B Content Marketing

2. Stop Pushing So Hard - Online Content Marketing Is A Slow Play Something I see companies doing all the time is absolutely burying their prospects in content and communication. There’s only one thing pushing that hard achieves and let’s just say it’s uncomfortable and requires a sitz bath twice a day. I should make a distinction here between publishing content and promoting content. There’s no such thing as too much content when it comes to publishing, there are literally thousands of blog



content writer

Experience writing for high-profile brands in SaaS/tech, marketing/advertising, HR/workplace coaching niches, (monday.com, for example)

Company: multiple freelance opportunites

I worked there from / until now

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