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freelance blog post writer for legal brands and mental health brands

About Me

I’m Lisa. I’m a highly motivated and independent blog post writer (pronouns: they/them) who thrives on encouraging growth for the brands I help on a daily basis.

I specialize primarily in writing blog posts for companies in the mental health and legal industries and have helped small businesses for the past 5+ years.

No matter how big or small your writing project, my main goal is to help make your marketing strategies run more smoothly. I continue to keep my eyes open for new ways writing can bring in new clients.

When your business wins, I win. Simple as that!

I’d love to chat about how my blog posts can level up your company's client-generating marketing strategies.

My skills:

  1. Writing blog posts
  2. Moderating comments
  3. Proofreading and editing
  4. Generating topic ideas
  5. Creating article outlines
  6. Ghostwriting articles
  7. Formatting articles
  8. Uploading drafts
  9. Sourcing and uploading images, GIFs, videos and other media
  10. Creating social share posts from articles
  11. SEO and keyword research
  12. In-article SEO
  13. Monitoring and responding to blog comments

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

What It's Like to Have Entrepreneurship Anxiety

Identify your roadblocks and obstacles. Make it your mission to conquer them...one email or deadline at a time. Here's how to start.


Recognizing a Mental Health Problem in a Child or Teen: 10 Signs I Needed Help

As a child, I showed quite a few signs of mental illness. But I didn’t get the help I needed until I decided to take things into my own hands at the age of 26. Now I often wonder how my parents could have missed the signs.


How Can I Freelance When Dealing With Anxiety?

How can you become a successful freelancer with serious anxiety? Let’s go over the 3 steps I use to become a successful freelancer and how I learned how to control anxiety. Let’s get started, shall we?



Freelance Blog Post Writer

• Created a website for a local tribute band and created content for their social media profiles. • Wrote and published 20+ blog posts concerning business, mental health, and gaming for authority websites that include Thrive Global, Grown Gaming, and Freelancers Union. • Wrote a blog post that received 8k views on a well-known British gaming website. • Created a social media calendar for a well-known local transformational coach and published the posts on that calendar.

Company: Lisa Fourman, Freelance Writer

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Remote Receptionist

• Provided customer-matching service to 80-100 consumers per day. • Utilized technology to service incoming consumer inquiries. • Multitasked in a fast-paced environment. • Successfully interacted with multiple internal departments. • Worked closely with management to ensure high-quality output.

Company: lawyer.com

I worked there from 8/2020 until now

Content I Write