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Tells stories using your email

About Me

It's 2021, Email is so last decade.. everyone is on social media now! Who even reads emails?

As a business owner, how many times have you heard something like that? Then you rush off and start pushing ads on all the social platforms and neglect that little pot of gold which is your email list.

Thing is, how did you open a social media account? With an e-mail address.
Your bank account? Most likely you needed an e-mail too.
Work correspondence? Phone number, work e-mail.
Online shopping updates? E-mail.

E-mails are going no where and if you don't hop on board and take advantage of it, you're leaving money on the table.

Here's a quick fact a survey found that 60% of its respondents bought things off email marketing vs 12.5% that clicked the buy button from social media. That's 4x the amount. Think about it.

If your customers were responding to you 4x more than today how much profit would you be taking in?

Best part is, Emails can be automated and all you need is to craft them once and you can use them over and over and over and over again... yep... they never die, just like the zombies I talked about earlier. You could be asleep and the emails are going out to your customers without you even having to blink.

Emails can do so much for you and your business.  So if you're interested to take a share from the dragon's hoard, you're in the right place.

I've been trained by some of the best Email Copywriters in the industry working for 6 and 7 figure businesses. The work with big names such as Grant Cardone, V-Shred, Dan Pena, Jason Capital and... even the wolf of wall street himself Jordan Belfort.

Drop me a message and let's get you that pot of gold.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Cart Abandonment

Don't send boring old YOU FORGOT THIS IN YOUR CART emails... Spice it up, let your customers know what they are really missing out on.


Welcome to the tribe

Welcome your subscribers with a proper email... Let them feel like they are truly joining you and your team rather than just another face in the crowd. Connect with your readers.


Story Link Email

Everyone is watching something these days, Netflix, Disney+... Streaming movies wherever they go... so use that, connect with your readers through their interests. Don't be another boring sales voice in their inbox.



Email Copywriter

I write emails that will have your readers scrolling for hours not wanting it to end. Don't send boring sales email that every generic companies push out. Make it exciting and your readers will definitely remember you.

Company: Baptist Copywriters

I worked there from 4/2021 until now

Content I Write