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About Me


I started working in the web marketing field in 2014. Before going freelance, I have been working for seven years in a web development company. Yet, in 2020 I decided to go start my own business.

My skills comprehend:

Up until now, I have been creating content for fashion companies, web factories, and law firms. Moreover, among the niches I worked for there are publishing, traveling, and breastfeeding. 

Managing social media channels for fashion and technology companies is natural for me. 

But, actually, I love blog posts the most. This kind of content, in fact, allows you to provide your target audience with specific information about your industry. In a nutshell, blogging is a powerful channel. And if you can create valuable content, you'll make potential customers happy. Besides, when blog posts provide crucial information, Google can reward your website too.

My hobby? Taking pictures (I'm specialized in architecture and street photography) everywhere I go!

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My Writing Samples


I worked for Nephila company for 7 years. There I was in charge of content creation, thus I wrote all kind of content, from blog posts to social media ones. This time, specifically, I was asked to write a post about an app that Nephila CTO developed. The web app, made with Django, has some of Google Docs functionalities, thus it is pretty complex. Here is the article I wrote about it



Web marketing employee

Company: Nephila s.a.s.

I worked there from 1/2014 until 11/2020

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