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The 5-in-1 Marketing Professional

About Me

Traditional market research extracts preferences from consumers' brains, but rarely explains where those ingrained attitudes and beliefs come from. I expose how culture shapes buyer behavior.

I'm also a self-disciplined, deadline-driven, and self-starting brand strategist with 7+ years of digital marketing agency experience writing in a fast-paced and people-oriented environment. I'm skilled in conducting in-depth research and designing original and compelling concepts, narratives, and campaigns to cut through the marketing noise. In addition to being a brand strategist, I'm also a direct-response copywriter, blogger, content writer, and marketing strategist who has collaborated with multiple marketing agencies over the years to increase their consumer engagement, qualified leads, and client conversions.

Long story short, I'll find out what your audiences' buying behaviors and attitudes are, pinpoint where those behaviors and attitudes stemmed from (and why), and then create the content, brand, and marketing messaging, strategies, and campaigns that will bring them to you and most importantly, keep them loyal to you.

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My Writing Samples

Brand Origin Story for CP

I designed ClearPivot's origin story and web copy for their "About Us" page. Their story is in-depth and meaty because it's meant to instill trust and reassurance among prospective clients. However, the story isn't a just humble brag for ClearPivot. I made sure to center their audience throughout and linked the company's achievements to their needs as often as possible.


Brand Chef: 6 Ingredients for Whipping Up Profitable Brand Messaging That Your Audience Will Devour

Why do so many experts overcomplicate branding? They fire off terms like “brand architecture” without explanation, leaving you to wonder if they’re discussing skyscrapers or talking about building a brand that your audience will bond with. It can be a bit confusing and ridiculous at times. I believe that if you use jargon that’s foreign to people outside of your industry you should present that terminology in relatable language. That’s one of the main reasons why I created this eBook.


Learn How to Earn and Keep Your Customers' Loyalty (eBook)

The concept of loyalty is just that, a concept, and you can't always express ideas in concrete terms. Sure, there are tangible aspects of the word that you can discuss (and measure), but there is also a haze that lies just beneath the surface. This eBook discusses the anatomy of several brand loyalty and retention tactics and philosophies. It also provides steps brand managers can incorporate into their current brand strategies to build a continuous base of repeat customers.


Get the Answers to Your Most Burning Life Insurance Questions in 90 Seconds

Copy for a 90-second video that explains how to obtain life insurance. Below is an excerpt from the script. "At IntelliQuote, we know you’ve been putting off looking for life insurance. And we’re not here to place blame because we realize it’s not your fault. We know you understand that life insurance is important. But your to-do list is getting longer, your responsibilities are piling up, and the last thing you want to do is spend the little time you have thinking about things like death."


Creative names and words (brand names, taglines, and messaging)

One of the most challenging aspects of branding, which also happens to be my favorite, is naming. Pithy copy can give your creative muscle quite the workout, but the process is so much fun!


American Giant - "The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made"

**Original ad copy and personal project that I created for one of my favorite apparel companies: American Giant. ** At American Giant, our hoodie features a classic silhouette with a modern, tailored fit to titillate your senses, yet sturdy enough to withstand a hard day’s work. Our heavyweight cotton is homegrown, spun, and knitted in U.S. factories by American workers. The cotton is then meticulously stitched with love by seamstresses in California and North Carolina.


American Giant + Allbirds = A San Francisco Treat

*Original business collaboration idea for American Giant and Allbirds* On the surface, the creator of “the greatest hoodie ever made” and the company that makes shoes from wool, trees, and sugar don’t have much in common, aside from the city that they’re both based in… …until you realize they both share a customer base who go gaga over both: Silicon Valley programmers and engineers. So, why are so many tech geeks smitten with American Giant and Allbirds?


Sterling Academy (ClearPivot)

Landing page copy for Sterling Academy, an accredited online school, by way of my client, ClearPivot. The landing page urged those who didn't finish high school to complete their education online, in order to attain a higher paying job and a better life.


COCOCO Home - The Mondo

This is a personal branding project that I created for The Comfortable Couch Company (COCOCO Home), an American-based furniture company that I greatly admire. It's a revamp of their current product copy for their "Mondo" couch. "Sink into softness and style with our Mondo leather sofa. This striking piece lives up to its name, and its effortless cool will adorn your living room or den..."


Full Metal (Tuxedo) Jackets: A Semiotic Analysis of Brioni and Metallica

Metallica and formal evening attire are two concepts that appear at odds with each other in the same sentence. My analysis will show that the above ad flawlessly merges the two and that blackletter is the typographic glue that holds this superficial contradiction together. The vibe of this ad screams “we’re here, but we’re not happy about it.” Well, except for James. He looks a bit too happy to be there (I’ll get to that later).


TikTok's Political Future Looks Bright with Zoomers

Picture it, America, 2026, coverage of the U.S. mid-term elections is heating up, and Tik Tok is sizzling because Zoomers are pumping out political content at unprecedented levels. Is this a feasible future or a deluded fantasy? It’s feasible, and here’s why...


How to Use the Element of Surprise to Win Over Consumers

We're living (and marketing) in the era of the educated consumer. Buyers want to know everything they can about a product or service before parting with their marketing, and as a result, marketers are more transparent than ever before. But that's not to say there's no room for mystery and surprise. A little bit of mystery goes a long way to create a buzz and capture fans prior to a product launch.


Ignite Partnership - Branded Tweets

Ignite Partnership, a Dallas-based creative agency, was a client of Connection Model (CM), a HubSpot affiliate. CM was my client, and I created content for Ignite on their behalf. The above tweets were written in the voice of Ignite's personality: witty, concise, punchy, and relatable whenever possible.


A Dangerously Elegant Typeface: Decoding Pentagram's "Killing Eve" logo

“Killing Eve” is an exquisitely vicious and fresh take on the typical spy versus spy thriller. Normally, this genre takes itself far too seriously, but “Killing Eve” is a black comedy that balances the horrific with humor. It’s a show with style and substance, as you’ll hopefully see in the below analysis. I’ll be using the Saussurean signifier/signified model. The signifier is a sign or symbol that is a substitute for something else and the signified is what it stands for.



B2B Brand Strategist | Copywriter | Content Writer

• Ability to conduct relevant, in-depth research on client audiences to provide consumer insight, create unique, compelling on-brand content, and solve problems for my clients and 000s of their prospective clients • Understand how to collect, analyze, and incorporate qualitative and quantitative data into marketing campaigns • Develop copy and content tone and voice for clients and make sure that their messaging consistently remain on-brand • Conduct competitive analysis reports for clients

Company: Flesh & Brand – Remote

I worked there from 2/2014 until now


• Designed and executed independent projects that collected a total of 400+ samples of consumer culture data across 8 categories to draw conclusions about the cultural origins of shared behaviors, values, and attitudes of 5 different subcultures, in order to develop impactful brand design, strategy, and messaging • Identify, isolate, and predict consumer trends to help clients develop products and services their audiences want today and down the road, so that they can leapfrog the competition.

Company: Flesh & Brand - Remote

I worked there from / until now

Owner | Holistic Health Coach | Holistic Health Copywriter

• Assisted exhausted financial professionals to lose an average of 10-20 lbs and develop a mindset that viewed food as medicine, so they could achieve their weight-loss goals and boost their energy. • Crafted nutrition-centered blog posts, website, social media, and paid ad copy to promote my consulting business • Provided tailored customer experiences for clients by customizing their weekly food plans (up to 28 per week) for their busy lifestyles, food preferences, and job-performance goals.

Company: 360 Nourishment

I worked there from 3/2009 until 4/2014

Content I Write