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About Me

I have been writing for many years, but this year, 2021, I decided that I would try writing for a living. I started trying to write for a living in January, it has been eight months of me writing on and off. I have thought of different ideas to write. I have written posts on a few different topics. I have tried to do my best on each piece and post that I have written. I have worked hard on a lot of the pieces, articles and posts that I have written. I have learned a lot about writing and about my writing style. I have tried to understand how to style, structure and format posts. I have improved a lot over these few months. I am a better writer than I was. I want to continue to improve as a writer. I want to be able to write as someone who hasn't done a lot of professional writing and as someone who doesn't have a degree in writing or any degree.  I want to write many more posts, many more topics and subjects. I want to write more words.

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My Writing Samples

Why You Need 1 Active and 2 Passive Side Hustles

This post was a piece I wrote on Medium, about why you need three sides. I write about the three specific side hustles that you need to have.


7 Incredible Pros of Unemployment Life

This was a post I wrote that discusses the pros of being unemployed and not having a job.


Difficult Writing Day: How To Hit Delete

This piece is about the options you should give yourself as a writer on difficult writing days.



I haven't worked a traditional job.


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