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Journeyman SEO Content Manager, Writer & Strategiser

About Me

Do you know what it feels like to know what you want to say, only for your ideas to get lost on their way from your thoughts to your keyboard? In a way, I'm glad you do, because that's why I have a job!

My name is Jamie. I'm a naturally creative, confident author with a passion for storytelling. I can light up dull, dry, technical subjects with writing you'll want to write home about. 

Achieving business objectives is the core of what I do: I turn readers into subscribers, customers, clients, converts and members. To do this, I draw on my experiences as an SEO Content Manager for a digital agency and as a Master's degree graduate (History honours Russell Group).

My approach is to work with you closely so that I can put your thoughts into words. I take client discovery and relationship-building seriously to minimise the need for unnecessary, time-wasting edits. My key areas of expertise include personal injury law, divorce and family law, B2B, B2C, real estate and health; that being said, I am also comfortable writing on any other topic you might need me for.

Note: If you're interested in a purely organic approach to traffic generation, I can identify and realise ranking potential with my content alone. I've dominated online search spaces with nothing beyond words on a screen. Please feel free to ask me about my projects, and how I can help you!

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



Law & Politics

Real Estate


My Writing Samples

Chinchilla Malocclusion: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

An authoritative long-form article demonstrating expertise in a niche subject. Uses concise language, authoritative sources and clear argumentation throughout. Also features fluid and natural inclusion of keywords such as 'symptoms of chinchilla malocclusion’ etc. Demonstrates my comfort writing in health and pet niches.


Education/Exam Results Press Release

A short press release reacting to a report by a think tank. Details the findings of the report, demonstrating comfort with statistics and their meaning; elaborates on the meaning of those findings, and pushes a particular standpoint (the need for a private tutor such as the client). Features professional, academic tone and extensive use of sources.


Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies

A white paper on whether/how terrorists use cryptocurrency. Uses an academic, logical progression of argument to push a clear conclusion: in this instance, to reassure readers that crypto is not the vehicle of criminal activity people paint it as.


How Digital Footprints Are Used Against You

A white paper on digital security. Professional, detailed and authoritative in tone; the point of the piece was to establish Cypaw as an expert in the topic, which falls under their key business offer. Ends with a strong call to action to use Cypaw's services.


Preparing for the Regulator’s Audit

An informational blog post aimed at companies in the cryptocurrency space. The post built authority for the client as an expert voice—achieved through thorough research, clear explanations of regulatory aims and methods, and recommendations on compliance. Demonstrates how good writing can make a post on a technical topic both informative and interesting.


Cryptoassets & Financial Crime

A blog post on how cryptocurrency can be used for financial crimes such as money laundering, bank fraud, payment fraud etc. The piece pointed out the balancing act between the need for a decentralised currency and the prevention of financial crime through regulation. Helped establish client as a thought leader in the crypto space.


Identifying and Verifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners

An article intended for fintech professionals on ultimate beneficial owners: what they are, why it's so challenging to figure out who they are, what the law says, and how they can be identified. The aim of the piece was to position the client as a topical expert.


Maternity Leave Discrimination: What Are You Entitled To?

A white paper for an employment attorney. Explains what maternity leave discrimination is, who can make a claim, how the process works, and what sets our client apart from other options. Required both extensive research into a legal, technical topic and strong marketing skills to promote the client's services.


AML and Transaction Monitoring

An article for fintech professionals on AML (anti-money laundering) regulations. Transforms a technical topic into a human-readable, shareable and engaging post suitable either for a blog or for LinkedIn.


What CBD Oil Is Best for Me?

A blog post aimed at a broad audience of potential customers. Uses simple, basic language to list the various kinds of CBD oil, the differences between them, and the advantages of each. The ideal informative post that draws in search traffic, generates brand awareness, and encourages readers to visit the site's sales pages.



SEO Content Manager

Responsible for all things content: pitching, planning, keyword research, clustering, forecasting, writing, TF-IDF, editing, publishing, tracking, analytics, and reporting. In-depth use of SEO/content tools including SEMrush, SERPROBOT, Keyword Cupid, Screaming Frog, Surfer, etc. Time and experience taught me to write well; analysing my work as an SEO Content Manager taught me to write effectively.

Company: Gorilla Marketing

I worked there from 6/2021 until now

Content Writer/Copywriter

Like most SEOs and content writers, I got into the profession through freelancing, starting in 2015. I learned my trade through platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer—writing about why chinchillas chatter their teeth in the morning and how blockchain is the ultimate disruptor in the afternoon. I built up a following of loyal clients many of whom I still work with. It was through this role that I learned to be comfortable researching and writing about new topics.

Company: Acorn Content Creation

I worked there from 7/2015 until 6/2021

Content I Write


The Best Content Writer I've Ever Worked With

Jamie is the best writer our agency has ever used. Punctual with deliverables, very high focus on the keywords and related content and it's so comprehensive and granular - never had bad feedback or results. I'm almost salty about writing a recommendation because I want to keep him all to myself.

Kyle James, Gorilla Marketing