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Published fiction author looking for new writing opportunities

About Me

My name is Coline, I prefer to research and write about historical mysteries and interesting trivia. I've also written several fiction novels and short story collections under the pen name Annie James. As you can see from my resume, which I have included in my portfolio, I have a marketing background, as well as creative writing background. Those skills and experience, along with my top-notch research skills, are the things that make me unique and set me apart from the pack.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

The Real Sleeping Beauty: The Strange Tale of Rosalia Lombardo

In this blog post, I explored the strange case of Rosalia Lombardo, Sicily's Sleeping Beauty.


Eliot Ness and the case which was his downfall

In this popular blog post, I wrote about the case that stymied the legendary Eliot Ness; the Cleveland serial killer who Ness was never able to bring to justice.


Feeding Ground

Independently published fiction novel. Synopsis: It was supposed to be a fun road trip--for Dan and Molly Murphy to reconnect and rekindle the romance in their marriage. Molly had suffered from a bout of depression after miscarrying their first child. They set out to attend Dan’s ten-year high school reunion in Madrassa, New York. When Dan and Molly arrived, they learned that several people had vanished from Madrassa. Dan puts his journalist skills and experience to work to uncover the truth.


Benefits of Coconut oil after childbirth

Coconut oil can prevent stretch marks when used during and after pregnancy, and it has many other wonderful health benefits. Originally posted on Blognobbers Network


Won't This Make Me Fat?

An article about additional health benefits of coconut oil. Originally posted on the Blognobbers Network.


Sample of Business Plan created for Teen Focus

This is a sample of a business plan I created for Teen Focus, an organization that assists at-risk youth.


Book Marketing Plan

This is the full marketing plan for my fiction book "Feeding Ground."


You don't have to accept it! Part 1

An article that delves into the harsh realities of domestic abuse, and how victims can help themselves. Originally appeared as an article on Blognobbers network.


30 Things you should never do in New York

As someone who was born and raised in New York, I was well-qualified to write this article for first-time visitors! Originally published as an article on Blognobbers Network


An Uncommon Autumn Morning at Céleste's Café

A short story I wrote for a contest, about a chance meeting in a coffee shop.


Tales of Origen blog

My weekly blog, where I post short stories, articles, and excerpts of fiction works-in-progress.


My short stories

Short stories I've written, in response to weekly writing prompts.


My Amazon Author Page

My bio, list of books I have published on Amazon, and updates.


Barnes & Noble

A list of my books currently available at Barnes & Noble



My work experience since graduating from college



Freelance writer

I write fiction. books and short stories under the pen name Annie James

Company: Origen Press, L.L.C

I worked there from 1/2020 until now

Freelance writer

I worked with founder Lukeither Willingham, I wrote articles for her blogging platform and increased her site’s readership by 30%

Company: Blognobbers Network

I worked there from 4/2013 until 8/2015

Virtual Assistant

Writer, marketer, virtual assistant August 2014-January 2020 Remote work In this position I worked with entrepreneurs and provided solutions that helped them take their business to the next level Clients Lukeither Media I wrote articles for her blogging platform and increased her site’s readership by 30% Linda Joyce Created a solid marketing and social media marketing plan that helped Linda, who was a new author at the time, rise to best-seller author status on Amazon books, in just one year.

Company: Charmony Business Solutions

I worked there from 8/2014 until 1/2020

Content I Write