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Content Writer

About Me

Hi, I am Deeksha! 

A medium-sized girl with 2-years of experience in Content Writing. 

I have written hundreds of writing pieces, from blog posts, articles and research papers to social media captions and email newsletters. I have worked with clients in a range of industries, including Travel, Mental Health, B2B, E-Commerce etc.

Why hire me? Because I'm good at my job!

I write high-quality, persuasive content that guarantees to keep your audience engaged. I specialize in SEO-rich content which means I can help you increase your Google Ranking. 

I can help you position your company as an authority on relevant topics while increasing your marketing efficiency. 

Save yourself (or your employees) from the hassle of writing the content yourself and let me do it for you. I am a professional writer who is committed, passionate and an excellent communicator. 

You can rely on me to deliver on time and to keep the audience engaged. 

I am excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! 


Deeksha Sharma

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Getting Started with Mindfulness

Detailed article about what Mindfulness is, how it benefits us and ways to get started.


What makes People Happy?

Scientifically proven ways of experiencing happiness and joy.




Worked with a range of clients and written hundreds of blogs and articles.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 3/2020 until now

Social Media Coordinator

Handled Social media accounts of a clothing boutique.

Company: Chique

I worked there from 1/2021 until 8/2021

Content I Write