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Tech Journalist

About Me

Tech journalist & B2B SaaS copywriter. I have worked with brands including Atlassian, Meta, Amazon, The Drum, Reliably, ABAKA, PandoDaily, and MarketAcross.

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My Writing Samples

How Meta is powering up business messaging for next-gen conversational e-commerce (The Drum, Meta)

More than half of adults (54%) say they find traditional forms of communication with businesses to be frustrating, according to a 2020 Business Messaging Research Study*, while almost three-quarters of adults (72%) believe that waiting to speak with someone at a business is a waste of their time.


5 small businesses making smart pivots for a world gone offline (Atlassian)

Small businesses have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, but many have found creative ways to stay afloat.


B2B brand builders, it’s your time to shine (The Drum)

CEOs are noticing that brand building is giving businesses a competitive advantage, and they want in on it. As a result, brand building has become a strategic priority in the boardroom for business-to-business (B2B) brand leaders trying to accelerate growth.


Contextual advertising - giving publishers what they need (The Drum)

Contextual advertising is making a comeback which, from a publisher perspective, means that the industry has come full circle. But what do publishers need from their partners to improve the digital advertising dynamic for everyone? We spoke to leaders at Future, Raconteur, News UK, Jungle Creations and LGBTQ+ news website PinkNews to find out.


The Human Cost of Your Smartphone (OneZero)

Children mine cobalt — a key element for making batteries — in terrible conditions.


The NFT ecosystem is a burnout machine (Slate)

It's a world of massive creative pressure, ever-elusive success, and massive financial risks.



Fantastic writer!

I turn to Aimee when we need content for several brands in the tech space, and she knocks it out of the park each time. Whenever we meet with a new brand in this niche, her name automatically comes to mind. I value her contributions and look forward to seeing what she does next -- thank you for your hard work and high-quality content, Aimee!

Jenn Greenleaf, nDash