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About Me

I'm a writer excited to put my journalistic skills to use in new endeavors. In addition to distilling complicated topics into digestible prose, I'm used to working under tight deadlines and diligently talking to sources and scouring the web for research purposes to tell the best stories.

As a freelance journalist I not only learned how to write engaging copy but also how to sell myself to clients through networking and social media, experience which would help me advance your brand.

But I also enjoy collaborating with a team to brainstorm ideas and maximize a project's potential.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

What the Tokyo Olympics Taught Us About Running a Business and Remote Events

Ghostwrote this post for Creative2, which was trying to use its blog to attract new clients and inform current ones.


UMass goalie Matt Murray honors Humboldt victims in his heart - and on his mask

This is more than just a feature on a goalie. It's an example of my ability to get someone I hardly know to open up to me, to distill a lot of information into a story and also combine several sources on the topic to provide a complete picture.


Content I Write