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Providing copy before copy was cool!

About Me

| Entrepreneur | Virtual Accountant | Copywriter | Project Manager | Author | 

Motivational support system = get things done.

Copywriting Experience Includes:

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My Writing Samples

The Importance of Listening While Leading

How important it is to listen while you lead. This is ghostwriting / copywriting for a private client.


7 Steps to Building a Killer Business Strategy

How to build a killer business strategy. This was ghostwriting / copy writing for a private client.


What is Executive Coaching and What Are the Benefits for Businesses?

What executive coaching is and how a business can benefit from it. A ghostwriting / copywriting article for a private client.



Project Manager

Started as a copywriter and worked my way up through 3 promotions in a year! (I miss writing for private clients which is why I am here!!) Currently, oversee a copywriting staff of 20+ to make sure we turn in the best work for our Standard, Elite, and StoryTelling clients through the StoryBrand principles.

Company: Content Ninjas

I worked there from 3/2020 until now


This company is my virtual assistant business where I do virtual accounting as well as provide business copywriting for those clients who need posts for their websites, too.

Company: C. Mahan Company, LLC

I worked there from 7/2000 until now


Over the years I have provided copy content for various publications: CBS Local Detroit Blasting News Yahoo! iPhone App Cafe now Fan Appic Ezine Articles Detroit Examiner - Celebrity, Television, Writing, Top News, Healthy Foods, and Books were my columns. All Voices AXS Helium Demand Studios, including eHow, Intuit, Turbo Tax, Quickbooks Break Studios Man Made Text Broker eCopywriters ePinions Experts 123 Merchant Circle Star Reviews Peku Publications Business Support Group Direct Sales Help

Company: See List in the Description

I worked there from 7/2007 until 11/2015

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