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John is a Blogger, Writer, Social Media Marketer & Online Insurance Consultant with years of experience. He has covered topics on insurance, technology, tools, automobiles, real estate, & general topics. He has written for different sites. He has worked for Valnet, Inc. covering HotCars Lists and different other sites as a ghost writer. John is a graduate of Business Administration and has a strong connection with technology, cars, and general topics.

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10 Most Dependable Car Brands According To J.D. Power Here's what J.D. Power's 2021

Here's what J.D. Power's 2021 annual dependability study has to say about the world's most reliable brands. This year's J.D. Power annual Vehicle Dependability Study revealed that there is a large improvement in the dependability of vehicles this year compared to last year as reliability hits a new high record; a 13-point reduction over last year’s figure. The study was targeted at 2018 models across the U.S. on a variety of issues they encountered over the last 12 months.


9 Ways The New Land Rover Defender Lives Up To Its Name (1 Way It Fails)

With abundant features, classic design cues, and endless off-road potential, the new Defender is a perfect SUV...if there weren't for one flaw. The 2021 Land Rover Defender is a cool SUV as expected and enthusiasts were not disappointed. The engineers at Land Rover went back to the drawing board to introduce more trims and high-tech features to the US Defender lineup.


These Are The Fastest Coupes You Can Buy For $20,000 In 2021

Boasting large engines and impressive top speeds, these sporty coupes are now cheaper than ever. Coupé has its origin in the French Language meaning "cut." It was initially used to refer to horse-drawn two-passenger carriages (cut or shortened versions) with only front-facing seats. In the automobile world, Coupés are passenger cars with a slanted or trimmed back roofline and two or four doors.


10 Most Badass Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks Ever Made

Imposing in size and able to tow tens of thousands of pounds on any terrain, heavy-duty workhorses don't get much more badass than these. Over the years, monstrous heavy-duty pickup trucks that can tow, haul, and execute extreme works have been developed. Due to technological advancement, present-day trucks are tremendously strong, rugged, reliable, and beautiful.


The Most Expensive Car Ever Sold: Everything You Should Know About The Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO already broke several auction records before fetching a whopping $48 Million in 2018. Here's what makes it so special. The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most important cars in the history of Ferrari and had made headlines several times in automobile history. Originally built to compete in Group 3 GT racing, the 250 GTO has competed with the likes of Shelby Cobra, Jaguar E-Type, and Aston Martin DP214 in 3 GT races.


Motor Insurance Policy Terms You should Know

Certain terms in your insurance policy document, be it motor insurance policy document or others are determinant factors as to if your claim will be paid or not. This post will highlight only four of such. You have a Comprehensive Motor Policy and are so proud of yourself. Your mind is at rest and all seems good. But, do you know that there are certain terms in that your policy document? Terms your insurance agent might not be patient enough to show you? One thing about


Third Party Plus: A Better Cover For Your Precious Cars

Legally the minimum insurance cover that every individual is expected to have on his or her vehicle is Third Party Motor Insurance. This covers your car against liability to third parties to the tune of N1million property damage. It also has unlimited Death or Injury benefits to Third Parties. However, the disadvantage of Third Party Motor Insurance is that it offers protection to others (third parties) only. As a result of this to purchase a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover is preferable.


3 Things Insurance Can Do For Your Business

Insurance and Business go together. Business is surrounded by risks and Insurance addresses the risks surrounding businesses. People view Insurance as an expense rather than a risk transfer mechanism. While the benefits of insurance to business are so glaring, many are still indifferent about it. This post exists to end what seems to be the bias in people’s minds and elucidate to them the benefits of insurance. The benefits of insurance to your business are many.



List Writer (Automobile)

Writing and publishing list articles on cars for https://www.hotcars.com/author/john-ideboghie/

Company: Hot Cars

I worked there from 11/2020 until 10/2021

Content Writer/Freelance Blogger

Writing and publishing different articles on Amazon targeted articles on the site i.e. https://morninghomestead.com

Company: Morning Homestead

I worked there from 1/2019 until 9/2021

Freelance Blogger

Writing and publishing different articles for the agency - https://boosta.biz/en/.

Company: Boosta

I worked there from 2/2018 until 5/2020

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