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Real Estate & Home Improvement Professional with a Master's in English & Creative Writing

About Me

After getting my master's degree in English literature and creative writing, I began a career in real estate property management. I coordinated the repair and upkeep of over 1,000 properties over my four and a half years in the industry and gained invaluable knowledge about home renovation and the systems that make a residence safe and comfortable. 

I am intimately familiar with foundations and the issues that often plague them, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, septic systems, roofing, and more. I have a thorough understanding of how these systems function, how they benefit homeowners and buyers, what causes problems with them, and the solutions used to correct issues that may arise.

Unlike most professionals in the real estate industry, I went to school for English and writing, so I'm able to craft an easily readable message that is engaging and informative. I have a unique blend of hands-on experience with home repairs and a mastery of the English language. I can craft informational and opinion-based articles with a clear picture of the intended audience to ensure a high engagement rate and maximum educational value.

After stepping away from the real estate industry, I became a full-time writer. I currently write online content for companies across the country, primarily in the real estate and home improvement niches. In my two years of professional writing, I have never missed a deadline, and very few of my pieces have ever been kicked back to me for editing.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

A piece of content pitched to Better Homes & Gardens regarding foundation repair and the costs associated with fixing common foundation problems.


Foundation Installation Cost

A piece of content pitched to Better Homes & Gardens regarding the cost of installing different foundation styles.


How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Unclog a Sink?

A ghost-written piece on the cost of a common plumbing service. Most of this company's content was ghost written by me.


Foundation Crack Repair: Costs & Repair Options

A ghost-written piece on the severity of different foundation cracks and the cost of repair. Most of this company's content was ghost written by me.


The Most Popular Unique Roofing Material In Every State

A ghost-written study for a gutter repair company. Most of this company's content was ghost written by me.


Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

A ghost-written piece on HVAC services and common issues.


The Top 5 Ways to Minimize Allergens In Your Home

A ghost-written blog post on HVAC service and common seasonal problems homeowners may face.


7 Reasons to Choose Infrared Technology to Detect Roof Moisture

A ghost-written blog post on roof testing and a breakthrough technology for detecting leaks.



Preservation & Renovation Manager

At this job, I managed and maintained an inventory of over 1,000 properties over a five year period. I coordinated inspections of properties, determined preservation issues, and coordinated between clients and vendors to have issues rectified. I managed repairs of over 500 of those properties, which included electrical work, plumbing, HVAC servicing and repair, and much more. I determined what was required to bring a property to its peak potential, created repair scopes, and oversaw renovations.

Company: Century 21 American Homes

I worked there from 6/2016 until 10/2020

Freelance Writer

I currently write online content for a number of local and national companies. I write informational content about foundation repair, plumbing repair, HVAC service, flooring replacement, gutter installation and repair, electrical work, and much more. I have a very thorough understanding of home systems and am comfortable writing for any audience, including other home-service professionals and homeowners.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Content I Write