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Expert health and wellness content writer

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I write SEO content that can help you rank on Google, whilst you concentrate on other aspects of running your business.  

Give me a topic and I'll write you a blog post that's original, shareable and optimised for search engines. The cost includes all the research too!

Need a deep dive into a complex topic? That's kind of my thing. I love getting deep into the research and finding out the facts for you.

Do you provide a service but aren't sure how to market it to your target audience? Let me take over so you can concentrate on what you do.  

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Health & Wellness

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Weird early pregnancy symptoms: What to know

Taking a pregnancy test is the only way to be certain of pregnancy, but some early symptoms might suggest that a woman is pregnant. During the first trimester of pregnancy, significant hormonal changes occur that can lead to symptoms. Some of these symptoms may appear even in the very first weeks of pregnancy. In this article, we discuss some possible weird early pregnancy symptoms, as well as when to see a doctor.


13 Celebrities Speak Out About Being Childfree by Choice

Having a child is a momentous decision. It’s also a very personal decision. There’s nothing quite like being a celebrity without children: if you’re female, that is. Tabloids and paparazzi spend an inordinate amount of time speculating as to whether this actress or that singer is pregnant. They also wonder what’s wrong with them if they choose not to have any children. Here, 13 celebs discuss making the decision to be childfree.


Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Composting

Americans generate approximately 40 million tons of food waste each year — most of which gets thrown into landfills. And since there are about 2600 of those already the country, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden estimates that the average household throws away two pounds of organic waste each day.



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