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About Me

Meet Lee, a content specialist with a knack for creating engaging copy that produces tangible results. With a background in digital marketing, Lee knows what it takes to beat the algorithm and reach a larger audience.   

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur with no marketing team or a small business owner with limited time,  Lee can help you increase engagement, reach, and sales. He understands the importance of creating compelling and enjoyable content and will collaborate with you to develop a content strategy that meets your specific needs. 

With Lee on your team, you can be confident that your content will stand out while also showing the human side of your business.

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Real Estate

Health & Wellness




My Writing Samples

How to Create a Brand Story That Kicks Ass Like Kentucky

An in-depth look at how a small Kentucky Marketing Agency unofficially rebranded their home state and became a viral sensation.


The Best Brands Make You Feel Something

A small-time hood becomes a household name thanks to guts and brilliant marketing.


Social Media Stories: Increase Your Engagement in 2021

What exactly are "social media stories," and why should we use them?


Reddit Is Mad At The Robinhood Trading App

A summary of the Gamestop saga. How Reddit users banded together to influence share prices, costing Wall Street millions. This article also explains the controversy regarding the app banning users from making new trades, whilst Hedge Funds continued to do so freely.


Bansky: Cash Cow or Poison Chalice?

What happens when Banksy comes to your town?


7 Social Media Moments That Matter

Our entire world changed in just six years. A look back at the very first posts on each social media platform.


Divorce Attorney - About Us page

A web page explaining what a U.S divorce attorney does, and how they can help people interested in getting a divorce. U.S English. Educate.


What is Burnout and How to Deal with It

Blog article. 750 words. What is Burnout and How to Deal with It.


What are the best technical tools for helping agents sell homes?

SEO article. 500 words. What are some of the most interesting real estate tech tools that have appeared in the past few years?


Benefits of getting a business consultant for your startup

Email copy - Benefits of getting a business consultant for your startup. 300 words. PAS copywriting formula. Reach new leads and convince them to use consulting services.


Home Renovation Checklist

LinkedIn post. General audience, homeowners. What are some of the things homeowners should do before renovating their homes? Tone: friendly. U.S English.


Why you're having a migraine

Blog article. General audience. Why you're having a migraine. 750 words. U.S English


The Quickest and Easiest Way to Comfortable Camping

Brief blog post focusing pros and cons of buying a Rooftop Tent for travelling.


AI In Digital Marketing: 3 Tools For Better Growth

SEO Article sample. Brief: AI-focused marketing solutions for UK agencies Keyword: AI in Digital Marketing



Arralia Digital Marketing

Freelance Content Writer/Copywriter


I worked there from 1/2020 until now

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