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About Me

Lee writes copy and sells with the skill of Michael Dudikoff in American Ninja (1985).

With his persuasive style, Lee may compel people to buy or do the thing.

When it comes to promotion, Lee believes that humour is an excellent tool. It's a powerful way to promote your company blog, establish a reputation in the industry that customers can't ignore, and get people moving in the right direction without making them feel dirty.

Lee recognizes that quality content should be informative, relevant, and error-free. Meeting deadlines is a must. Creativity is vital.

Lee hates describing himself in the third person.

He's a fast, flexible writer with a love of words and storytelling. He's aware of his own strengths and limitations.

The majority of Lee's time is spent ghostwriting for others. Like ghosts, those who see his form are shocked.

So why Lee? That's a fair question. Nobody's angry at you for asking.

Rumour has it he:

Writes Good web content that kills the Bad and the Ugly.

Knows when to put on the clown shoes and when to toe the line.

Helps you outshine that website you despise but secretly want to be like.

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My Writing Samples

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How a small Kentucky Marketing Agency went viral after unofficially rebranding their home state.


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A small-time hood becomes a household name thanks to guts and brilliant marketing.


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What exactly are "social media stories," and why should we use them?


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A brief explanation of meme stocks and how the GameStop saga affected Wall Street.


Bansky: Cash Cow or Poison Chalice?

What happens when Banksy comes to your town?


7 Social Media Moments That Matter

Our entire world changed in just six years. A look back at the very first posts on each social media platform.



Arralia Digital Marketing

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant/Writer


I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Eager Mouse

SaaS Social Media Marketing Service


I worked there from 1/2019 until now

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