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A pseudo-introvert, a web developer, and a Maker

About Me

I write about tech and computers, I am also interested in writing about academia and science. I like articles which require thorough research rather than opinions and which interest a narrow section of people interested in that topic.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Hashing Phone Numbers For 2-Factor Authentication

With the rise of internet and increasing risks of getting hacked, it's more than necessary nowadays that we have an extra layer of security on our accounts, since password alone is not enough. Thus, using Phone numbers for 2FA sounds much more secure, but phone numbers are considered to be much more personal than Emails and most people hestitate to give it away from the risk of getting marketing SMS, or even worse, a data breach.


A brief history of responsive web design

Websites are like a canvas. You have complete freedom to design them the way you want. But unlike a painting, not all people will view your site the way you want.


Everything wrong with Quora

Quora, the QnA platform which started out as the best knowledge source and time killer, where we would learn something, has changed a lot, something which makes it harder to tolerate. Can you still enjoy Quora?


5 essential tips for promoting your indie film

When making indie films, promotion is an essential part as you don't have a high budget for promotion, these 5 essential tips will help you promote your indie film using various online and offline tools.



Content Writer

I was a technical content writer at FreeCodeCamp and wrote articles about web developement.

Company: FreeCodeCamp

I worked there from 8/2020 until 3/2021

Content I Write