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freelance content marketing writer | social enterprises | ag | food | eco-tourism | agritourism | amy@theAmyJane.com

About Me

People need tribes. And jungle diamonds.
This overgrown, tangled forest we call the internet is full of hidden jungle diamonds which can be polished to show their brilliance. Diamonds like: community building. collaboration. connection.support.
Content marketing writers like me take the rough jungle diamonds of your brand (or community, website, or start-up) and buff ‘em ‘til they glitter.
social enterprises | agriculture | agroforestry + permaculture | food systems + justice | eco-tourism + agritourism | community gardens | nonprofits

I love helping people find their tribes through writing. My approach includes finding and emphasizing WHY (think Simon Sinek); a clear voice/persona with courageous VULNERABILITY (think Brené Brown); storytelling as a point of connection to our shared HUMANITY (think Pixar); and genuine care for your AUDIENCE (think Gandhi).
My diamond-cutting chops include a background in science (think rigor), training as a librarian (think research skills), and a love for writing bordering on the pathological. I'm a meticulous proofreader, a soon-to-be certified editor, and once got confused for several days and joined my college water polo team. I have more than twenty years experience in communications including writing, social media, curation, and design.
Your hidden jungle diamonds. Let’s find them.
amy@theAmyJane.comIf you have chickens, bees, composting worms, hermit crabs, or rabies I want to know. Email me.

--I've volunteered with nonprofits that address hunger, women's issues, education, and farming
--In one year I organically grew the Twitter account of a small NGO by 300%, Twitter mentions by 2000%, and increased Facebook page reach by 44%. I adore social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, and have experienced joy and connectedness from friendships born and nurtured online. I can say with great affection and almost no regret that I never would have run a 30-hour race nor (more importantly) pooped in a Porta Potty if I hadn't met my BFF in a random Yahoo group.
--I once had a blog (in the 00s) which was listed as a fine example of the genre in a published book. Yes. Someone wrote (and a bunch of other someones published) a physical book which was a list of blogs and other useful websites. I guess Google hadn't been invented yet. Yes, I'm pre-Google. Yes, I still call it "the World Wide Web" in my head.

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My Writing Samples

Want to tenderize yourself? Pilgrimage.

A listicle of excerpts from essays discussing walking and pilgrimages. A humorous and encouraging piece on how a pilgrimage (long or short) can change you.


9 concentrated exercises to build your attention span by strengthening your focus muscle

A longer-form listicle discussing our ever-shortening attention spans, and how to work on increasing our "focus muscle". The piece includes both long-term goals (such as meditating and reducing interferences) and recommendations for short-term exercises (memorization work, reading more intense works).


Avoiding tiny Bermuda triangles while wooing Bruno the Novel Stork

A medium length article on how to leverage NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as a writer if you aren't planning to attempt a novel, including suggestions for shorter works and creative writing exercises.