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Content Creator, Product Marketer, Bookworm

About Me

A skilled writer and editor with a focus in cybersecurity and digital technology. Excels at communicating core product value, developing brand voice, and researching and writing about a wide range of topics. Over a decade of product marketing, content marketing, community management, PR, and communications experience at startups, small brands, and large international businesses. Efficient worker, direct communicator, tenacious learner - and unapologetic bookworm.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (but Were Too Afraid to Ask) About Browser Extensions

When you get started with LastPass, the first thing you do is create an account. After that, you’ll install the LastPass browser extension. But you may be wondering: What exactly is a browser extension? And why do I need to install it? How will my experience be better with the LastPass browser extension? And how can I make sure that I’m safely using the LastPass browser extension or any extension for that matter?


What You Need to Know About Password Security for Streaming Services

If you’re among the 74% of people sharing a streaming password with at least one other person, don’t forget to take basic cybersecurity precautions. Even if you feel like you can trust the person you’re sharing with, streaming service passwords are among the most frequently stolen and most commonly sold on the dark web. Here’s what you should know about protecting your shared passwords.


Passive About Password Security? How to Start Using LastPass Now

We chatted with Gwen Garcia, a LastPass Enterprise Customer Success Manager, about her journey from reluctant user to LastPass evangelist and how she translates her personal experiences into actionable advice for others thinking about using LastPass.


Notified of a Data Breach? What to Do Next

You check your email, and there it is — a company notifying you of a data breach. Your heart rate picks up as you click to open the email. You scan the contents — the who, what, where, when of the recently-discovered security incident. Maybe it’s a website you use all the time or from a long-ago one-off purchase. Either way, hackers violated your privacy. They’ve stolen or exposed information like your email address and password. So what should you do?


New Report: 2021 Psychology of Passwords

In our new report, Psychology of Passwords: Expanded Digital Lives and Password (Mis)behaviors, we dive into how people are thinking about online security in the age of COVID-19.


Getting to Know Your IT Admin

IT admins play a vital role in the day-to-day running of a business. However, because IT admins work behind the scenes, you may not realize everything they do to make your job easier. From keeping software up to date to protecting the company from cyber threats, IT admins often juggle many responsibilities while also fixing tech problems for company users every day.


Keep Online Learning Safe With a Family Password Manager

As parents navigate the challenges of another unusual academic year, it’s worth brushing up on cybersecurity basics to ensure online learning is both secure and effective. Good password behavior is foundational to online security, so it’s important to incorporate good password habits into virtual learning, too.


New Report: Password Hygiene in Higher Education

Based on an International Data Group (IDG) survey of 300 IT professionals in higher education, our new report, Password Hygiene in Higher Education: Risks, Solutions, and Strategies, evaluates the impact of poor password practices and ways IT teams in higher education are solving the problem.


How to Use LastPass to Share Passwords

At home, while traveling, and in the office, we often find ourselves asking someone, “Hey, what’s the password again?” Unfortunately, when so many of our daily tasks and work are online, password sharing is just a fact of life. But it can be an inconvenience and is often not done securely. So how can you share passwords with friends, family, or coworkers safely and conveniently?



Marketing Consultant

Product marketing and content marketing consultant for LastPass suite of products.

Company: LastPass/LogMeIn

I worked there from 4/2019 until now

Product Marketing Manager

Coordinated GTM strategy of new features and product lines cross-functionally, created and distributed messaging, target audiences, collateral and content, product documentation and training. Served as public-facing SME. Managed persona-based marketing activities to grow B2B & B2C products. Supported Sales and their pipeline needs with tools, training, and content. Created external content (blog posts, white papers, guides, reports, and briefs). Attended conferences, conducted webinars, and more

Company: LastPass/LogMeIn

I worked there from 10/2015 until 8/2018

Marketing Manager

Built an online community and established brand messaging while supporting product growth from ~500K to over 5MM users. Managed campaigns to drive new user growth and engagement. Managed social strategy (Facebook: 80K, Twitter: 20K, G+: 15K). Managed marketing activities for company news, product launches, and updates, including blog posts, social media, emails, and PR. Managed crisis communications to customer base and media.

Company: LastPass

I worked there from 8/2013 until 10/2015

Marketing Associate

Juggled multiple roles: Marketing Associate, Online Community Manager, Customer Support Associate. Managed LastPass online community, delivered high-quality customer care, meticulously monitored brand development. Trained growing customer support team. Developed messaging and content for emails, newsletters, social media, website, product documentation, blog. Increased brand exposure through social and email campaigns. Managed press and community public relations.

Company: LastPass

I worked there from 5/2010 until 8/2013